We had the good fortune of connecting with Jessica Huang and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jessica, is there something you can share with us that those outside of the industry might not be aware of?
The pet grooming industry has continued to grow exponentially over the last couple of years. The reason for this growth is no secret. The kinship between humans and pets are stronger than ever and pet parents are willing to pay for the wellness and comfort of their furry four-legged family members. Groomers are first line of defense – we check your pup from head-to-tail and report any irregularities to the owner.

When it comes to grooming there are a variety of options. There’s the standard breed cuts, creative grooming, or simply having your own stylized cut that will be the best for the dog and for the pet owner. There’s even dog grooming contests, classes, and trade shows that highlight premium products, haircut styles, and tools to help groomers work effectively and efficiently. Whether grooming dogs through brick and mortar, house calls, in home, or mobile the goal is the same – clean, happy healthy dogs. The work is challenging, but very rewarding.

Today, I will be sharing my insight about the mobile grooming world. Our day to day is very different as we are not confined in a shop all day. We have the freedom and flexibility to travel to our clients homes which lets us have a fresh perspective and change of scenery in our commute. We can even grab your dog from the yard or garage if you aren’t home and have them clean by the time you get back!

As a first time mobile groomer and entrepreneur, the first year of mobile grooming is the hardest because we have to build our clientele. Routing to clients homes will be disorganized as we put our schedule in place. Dog grooming is a lot of physical labor and it isn’t just about playing with dogs all day. I often hear “You’re so lucky you get to play with dogs all day!” and that is far from the truth. Most of my day I am dealing with dogs who try to avoid getting their nails trimmed, anal glands, getting their ears cleaned, or cutting their face hairs. After a dog has finished grooming, I tell them how amazing they look, give them a hug, kiss, and reward them with a tasty treat for allowing me to work with them from start to end. I work with all types of dog breeds, sizes (as long as they can fit in our tub and table), and ages. Senior dogs may need more time because of their health issues and I give them as much break time as needed.

Puppies are cute and cuddly, but are more difficult to groom because they are energetic and curious. For puppies, I recommend grooming as soon as possible so we can train and work with your puppy on getting them used to grooming. Not only do groomers have to deal with difficult dogs at times, but we deal with a lot of dog hair and scratch marks. Everything from spiky dog hairs caught in clothing or elbow creases, to hair all over the face and equipment. As a mobile groomer, you might find yourself racing against the clock because you may be late to your next grooming appointment. Sometimes you don’t even have time to eat, but you can’t stop working and the only thing in your mind is that your dog on the table is your #1 priority. To me, it is important that the dog is comfortable, happy, healthy, and feeling their best selves. When dogs are happy and so are the owners – it’s a win win! Mobile groomers are small business owners who rely on support and appreciation from our communities. I have spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours of time on furthering my education at trade shows and thousands on equipment, shears, and products. I’ve even learned about how to repair my mobile van.

Mobile groomers are priced more than your traditional brick and mortar because we are a premium service at your convenience. We arrive at your doorstep and at the end of your pup’s grooming appointment, your dog is smelling fresh and clean returned to the safety of your arms. We use high quality shampoo and products catering to your dog’s skin and needs, and our mobile truck is fully self-contained. We are cage free and work one on one with your dog knowing that each time your dog is groomed with the same groomer. We don’t force things onto your dog and do not continue doing something your dog hates. We respect and love your dogs and hope your dogs love us back just as much. I am fortunate to be in this profession because I love dogs and want the best for them as I express my creative and artistic side through giving them a fun and stylish haircut. The transformations can be mind-blowing!

If you would like to start a career in dog grooming, first and foremost, you must love dogs and have A LOT of patience working with them. Get yourself involved working at a pet salon. Not all dogs are the same and they all have different temperaments and personalities. Proper handling techniques, practicing your cuts, a calm manner, and being able to read a dog’s body language all play an important role in being a successful groomer. Dog grooming is a challenge, however, if you are artistic, sensitive, creative, and have a big love of dogs then we welcome you to the dog grooming world.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
I am proud to be a first time entrepreneur who has found her passion. As a dog groomer, I make sure your pups smell good, look great, and are in overall good health conditions. Groomers are first line of defense – we check your pup from head-to-tail and report any irregularities to the owner. We also educate pet owners on how to properly maintain their dog’s grooming at home, especially when it comes to brushing. It is preferred that pups be on a 2, 4, 6, or 8 week maintenance schedule.

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