We asked rising stars from the community to open up to us about their end goal. We asked them where they want to be, professionally, by the end of their careers and have shared some of those responses below.

Jacqueline Metcalfe Metcalfe | Art Therapist & Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

We started Revitalizing Minds Project to bring the arts and creative/alternative approaches to therapy for those in need. With a mixed background of experience, we each focus on a variety of different areas and are working on building a program to meet many individuals’, families’, couples’, and various other group needs. We specialize in clinical art therapy, which is a treatment modality that has been around for some time. It is a form of psychotherapy involving self-expression through painting, drawing, or modeling – really any kind of art! It’s not about what the art looks like as much as it is about experiencing the process of making art. Read more>>

Amber Ingraham | Business/Branding Coach & Website/Graphic Designer

My end goal is to touch as many lives as possible and change the world by improving the world population’s health overall. As a brand and business coach for wellness coaches, their successes build on that goal. Every client they receive after the work that we did together compounds. Those clients talk to and inspire even more people, and the cycle continues. It would be incredibly hard and virtually impossible to count every life touched, but there is beauty in that. I call it the ripple effect. You can only see the surface effect, but the effect continues on in unseen ways. Those unseen ways are where the magic really happens. Read more>>

Jessica Soltis | Painter & Artist

The end goal is to see more women that look like me in the world of art. Representation in your field of work is so important and I want my work to be recognized globally so that other young women can feel the same sense of belonging and empowerment in the world of Art. There is power in feminity. Society tries to tell women that we are not enough and we have to try to be everything else but ourselves. There is so much power is being a woman. We are love so therefore we don’t have to earn or fight for love. I express that through my paintings, and nothing gives me more life than to be surrounded in sequins, glitter, and dresses. Black women are not the mammy stereotype or only background dancers in rap music videos. We are beautiful, talented, classy, and elegant and I want to encourage others to light up a room with true inner beauty and self-love. Read more>>

Jeff Verge | Actor, Writer & Producer

You know, I don’t think there really is an end goal. I know that may sound a bit naive, but I truly believe that we should always be learning and growing no matter where we end up or how old we get. Anything that rusts, sits; and anything that sits, rusts. I know that my current goal is to be able to financially support myself and my family doing only the things that I love to do: acting, writing, filmmaking, and playing music. It doesn’t necessarily have to be all of them financially speaking, as nice as that would be, but one or two will do me just fine professionally and I can add the others in when I can: it’s basically what I do now. I’m a creative spirit and I don’t see that part of me ever coming to an end. Read more>>

Kristin Cofer | Photographer and Artist

I hope to continue connecting with people and making magical images with them until the very end. I’ve always said that I would love to have a coffee table book someday, even if it just sits there gathering dust. I also hope to inspire others. Hearing people tell me that I’ve helped them in any way is what keeps me creating. Read more>>

Dena Joy Drotar | Transformational Entrepreneur

The end goal….No regrets! My beautiful Grandmother at the end of her life was so sad that she hadn’t done all of the things that she wanted to do. When I asked her what those things were, they were simple things…seeing the fall colors on the East Coast, getting a facial, spending Christmas in Hawaii. It absolutely broke my heart because those desires were so doable. We, as her family, could have definitely made all of those things possible for her but she never told anyone of her desires until she could no longer walk and was dying in bed. She was a radiant beauty. Everyone loved her, and here she was so regretful. I vowed that I would not die that way. Read more>>

Lauren Verdugo | Artist & Woodworker

This October, I will be 24. It is difficult to envision what the end result of my career will be, but I do know what I would like to accomplish. I make decisions and try to navigate my live with this in mind; to be a person that the 5 year old version of myself would look up to. I want to be catalytic in diversifying craft and making craft more accessible to underserved communities that do not have creative spaces to thrive in. Ultimately, I am determined to leave a positive impact on this world in the process of pursuing my career as an artist. I will be finishing my undergraduate work in Applied Design next spring, 2021, and plan on going into the Furniture Design and Woodworking Graduate program at San Diego State. I plan on using my “fancy piece of paper” to be a professor. Read more>>

Kelly Chambers | Astrologer & Comic

The end goal is to host or co-host a show that is a cross between Weekend Update and a local news weather segment, only forecasting/referencing astrology. Maybe it’s called the Daily Astrocast? I’d love to share real astrology woven with humor, popular events and live interviews that give us a reference point for our connection with the Cosmos. We can really see how 2020 has demonstrated how the “difficult” transits astrologers talked about came into play (although I think only 1 or 2 predicted anything close to a Pandemic) and how interesting to have a forum, where some of the big and local hitters could have to come together for a lively discussion of what Pluto in Capricorn and a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction might kick up; it’s not too late! Read more>>

Sahar Masarati | Sugar Alchemist, Cake Artist & Instructor

I have always wanted to be a mentor and an inspiring coach to others in this field. If I can share my knowledge and expertise to help others to cultivate their creativity, I have achieved my goal. Read more>>

Christopher Mardiroussian | CSULB Graduate Student & Writer

As I approach earning a graduate degree from California State University, Long Beach, I’ve thought long and hard about where I want to go, what I want to accomplish, and the legacy I’d like to leave behind. Ideally, I’d want to have secured a tenure position teaching freshman composition at a community college or university; where I support students, help guide them towards their goals, and keep in touch with them. As an educator, I’d want to be available for both current and former students so that I can continue supporting them as teachers have done with me. As a writer, I’d like to publish novels, poetry, and short stories; in doing so, helping others publish their work as well. I’d hope to collaborate with diverse, talented visionaries to create something for people to savor. Read more>>

Madie Antara (Ira) | Entrepreneur & Sustainability Advocate

First of all, I had already narrowed down my passions and tried to force myself to stick with just 1 but unfortunately, I couldn’t. 😁 I’m a multi-passionate, business-oriented person, with an overly ambitious trait. haha I enjoy learning new things, and staying busy doing what I love. I still have tons of energy and I thought why not also explore all my options. My learning background and work experience is mostly e-commerce. I’ve been in the e-commerce industry for over 15 years. My 3 passions are: e-commerce, environmental sustainability, and real estate. My professional goal would be to embrace my multiple passions. When my kids are more independent I would like to be able to run and manage all my businesses efficiently. Read more>>

Robert Panico | Composer & Filmmaker

I think the most important factor in art is that there is no end goal. It’s a lifelong career that never dies even after our life force has extinguished. There are instead chapters in a never-ending book that grows and evolves from various experiences, inspirations and experimentations. Ten years ago, I would have been shocked at how I not only have reached my goals of the time, but broken through them in beautiful ways. Some goals shifted, others revealed themselves, others are now a sweet memory. That constant drive to change, experiment, express is an unending goal that will never expire. Read more>>

Konstantinos (Kostas) Katsaros | Chef

I can imagine my family and my self on a small Greek island, running a small eco-tourism outfit. Of course there will be a restaurant involved, where fresh seafood is served with veggies picked from the backyard. Home-grown greens and fruits, fresh milk from the goats, daily fresh eggs and wild herbs from the mountainside will be regular staples. Of course there will be a moment when I will retire, but I will never stop cooking and taking care of friends and family. Read more>>

Kensei Morita | Visual Development Artist & Muralist

This question is interesting because it was a thought that I struggled with for a while. But in the end, I decided that I don’t want an end goal. I was convinced in youth, that we need to have “goals,” and achieving it completes you, as if it gives your life purpose. This misinterpretation of an “end goal”, confused me. The suggestions were never based on a principle, but were material in the form of occupations. The achievements always came first, forgetting purpose all together. I realized toward the end of my high school days, just how much freedom I had over my own life. This overwhelming freedom to do anything had me question why I should do anything. But I knew there was no actual reason to do the things I’ve set out for myself. Read more>>

Jacqueline Williams, MS, RN-BC | Registered Nurse Consultant

At the end of my career I would like to know that I have contributed to Global Health by leaving an imprint through nursing and education. My life’s work is to address health disparities in vulnerable populations. There are many people without accurate health information or access. I am compelled to do my part to contribute knowledge for the greater good. I strive to make a positive impact by planting seeds and empowering others to take charge of their health. Read more>>

Bianca Foster | Educator & Mentor

The end goal is to leave a legacy. I want to have something that I can pass down to my daughter and generations after her. I plan to turn my small business into multiple schools across the U.S. I plan to open the Girls 2 Women Academy as a prestigious institution for young girls all over the country. Even after I’m done working for the school, it will continue working for me! Read more>>

Mia Nicole | Writer & Publicist

If you know anything about me, you already know my end goal: I want to win an Emmy! Not as an actress, but as someone who creates and produces amazing television. Being quarantined in 2020 has been good for me professionally and creatively. While I still write for Trustworthy Magazine, I have a boutique public relations agency and I created a production company called, Artistic Lens Productions. In the past few months, I have created and produced several shows for a few of my clients on various social media platforms. I also have numerous ideas that I would like to create and see on the telly. Where do I want to be professionally by the end of my career? I want to hear, “The award for Best New Television Show goes to Mia Nicole” – those are words that I have wanted to hear since I was 8 years old. Being recognized for my ability to create good, interesting television is constantly on my mind. Read more>>