We asked folks to tell us about their favorite quote or affirmation and to tell us what it means to them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Britt Hendrix | CEO, Founder, & Talent Manager at Bien the Agency, Inc.

One of the quotes I keep top of mind is very simple- “Do It Afraid.” by Joyce Meyer. I have to keep it top of mind because so much about being an entrepreneur and a business owner can be, if we’re being honest, terrifying! When the business is your baby, it’s your job (and yours alone) to make sure it’s nurtured and growing as it should. Nobody else is going to care about it like you do! And with that responsibility can oftentimes come a lot of fear. If you let it, that fear can keep you from making the necessary steps to keep growing. For example, if you need to start posting on social media about your business, fear might tell you, “But what are people going to think?” or, “What if nobody likes it?”. Read more>>

Jesslyn Sutisna | Product & Jewelry Designer

“You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward” – I really like this quote and I think this resonates with a lot of people my age. There’s a lot of pressure that we have to have everything figured out right after we graduate so that we can quickly become successful. Life isn’t a linear path (I learned this after crying over FaceTime to my parents in Indonesia while I was living alone in New York) things don’t always go as planned – maybe you won’t get a job immediately after you graduate, maybe you won’t get your dream job, Read more>>

Diana Gas | Videographer & Photographer

I’ve heard this saying: “The amateur waits for fear to disappear, the pro knows this will never happen and therefore starts anyway.” For me it means that you’ll be ready whenever you actually start. Don’t wait for the right conditions, or right weather. If you want progress there will always be fear, because there will always be something new. That’s pretty much how I work, I always fear and it never get’s too comfortable, probably because I always evolve in my work, and there is still so much to learn; but I never let fear to conquer me and stop me from doing what I love. Read more>>

Sir Marcell | Singer & Actor

My favorite affirmation is the phrase, ‘JUST LIVE’ which is tattooed on my left inner bicep. A phrase so simple, yet sometimes so difficult to do. With that affirmation I am reminded each and every day to just be and let things flow. To live my life in the moment and to the fullest at every point in time. Read more>>