One of the most inspiring things about the folks we meet is how many of them truly love what they do. We often ask them why and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Alison Limtavemongkol | Art Gallery Owner & Artist

I love being an art gallery owner because I can allow myself the creative freedom to express my ideas and my passion for art by curating exhibitions, and to represent my values with authenticity through my business. Being my own boss also gives me the flexibility to maintain a healthy work-life balance. What I love most about what I do is being able to help artists by providing them with opportunities to showcase their art and share their talents with the world. Read more>>

Jazmyn Anderson Creer | Lifestyle Blogger & Entrepreneur

I love what I do because it is directly related to who I want to be as I continue to grow. I love it because it allows me the freedom to be me completely and not be who someone else wants me to be for the convenience of their business. What I love the most about it is, it is mine and no one can take it away from me. I own all of the content I create, all of the images I take, I own everything that relates to my brand and that allows me leverage my name and community to build more things that continue to align with where I want to go in the future. Read more>>

Shanna Kerr | Interior Designer

I truly do love what I do!!! I love that in this chaotic world we live in (especially right now), I can create order out of that chaos…a rhythm, a cohesive narrative, or even a subtle repeated detail can pull a space together and give a sense of intent and order. I also love how I affect the lives of the people who experience the spaces I design…their mood, their actions, their sense of well-being are all subtly and sometimes not so subtly affected by these spaces and that is incredibly fulfilling. Read more>>

Gina Harrison | Co-Owner & CEO

Beau was built upon self love. It’s something that is so needed in today’s society, especially for women. As a curvy female minority, I myself always struggled with self image growing up. Yet, starting the day by putting on a cute pair of undies made me feel like a queen ready to slay the day. I love running this company knowing that my products help women fall in love with themselves a little more when rocking our sexy, luxurious, and trendy styles. Read more>>

Brett Zimmerman | Actor & Producer

As I mentioned when we last spoke, “I’m a storyteller, a collaborator, an actor of all types”, and more recently I’ve committed more of myself towards producing as well. Acting in its purest form IS storytelling. Anyone can tell a story, but it’s about picking the right ones. I search for stories of purpose, told through a character or characters that drive a story down to each individual word. In this industry, we’re lucky because we have the freedom to create from a place that is meaningful to us. Acting, as one side to my coin allows me to engage parts of who I am into a character. Read more>>

Benjamin Michel | Film Director & Cinematographer

I love making films because it allows me to create worlds that illuminate the human condition. What I enjoy most is being in production with a team working towards a unified artistic vision. Read more>>

Mark & Jordan LaValle | Restaurant Owner, Stylist & Personal Shopper

We love to entertain, We get inspired by conceptualizing a space and concept, and then bringing that space and concept to life. With Hatch we have been able to bring an extension of ourselves into the overall atmosphere and invite our guests into a space that feels so personal as if you were walking into our home. From the decor, to music, the food and even down to the staffs personalities it is truly everything that we love about hospitality. The customers comforting smile and gratitude about what we have created is the ultimate reward. Read more>>

Ebi Ikuku | Filmmaker & Producer

As a Filmmaker (Producer, Writer, Director), Actor and musician, I love the fact that I get to create regularly, in creative spaces with fellow artists. Though I have many gifts and abilities, my focus the past five years has been producing, writing, and directing cinematic content. Since working professionally in the filmmaking industry in Hollywood, I have had the privilege of creating music videos that have accumulated a million streams on YouTube, Over 20 film awards, and global accolades, worked closely with industry professionals, and I’m just getting started. Read more>>

Ruby Lim | Lash Artist & Esthetician

I love what I do because it makes people happy! Best part is gaining friendship! The services that I do as a Lash Artist and Esthetician on my clients require more than an hour for each, particularly the eyelash extensions which has become very popular and addicting that clients want to come more often. Because I get to see them more often, get to spend more time with them, and the lash services have become an “essential” for them, many of the clients have been coming for years now, some even more than a decade. Read more>>

Kimberly Butchko | Interior Designer

I love what I do as an interior designer because I get to immerse myself in a world of beauty. The curve of an arm chair, the texture of a fabric, the shine of polished marble, the color of a wall that makes your heart happy. How can I not get excited in being the one who gets to choose all these wonderful elements to tell my clients’ story? What I love most about designing is creating beautiful spaces that speak to my clients. Beauty truly is in the eye of beholder. I enjoy taking their idea of beauty. Read more>>

Allyson Smith | Principal

I call what I do a ministry, not a job. All children, especially those in the inner-city from immigrant families, deserve quality well-rounded education and each day I strive hard to ensure that my kids have this. As a principal, I am able to help mold the minds and hearts of students in a macro level so they are equipped to lead and love in this ever-changing world. Read more>>