By far the most common conversation we have with the folks we interview is about work-life balance. Starting a business or pursuing a creative career makes finding work life balance really tough because there is no clear start and end to one’s work day. We’ve shared some of our conversations on the topic below.

Laura Mustard | Independent Artist, Songwriter & Speech-Language Pathologist

This is always the struggle, isn’t it? Lately, I’ve been trying to bring more play into my balance, and also a sense of gentleness or kindness…rather than guilt tripping. For my “day job”, I work as a speech pathologist. It’s a very rewarding job to work with kids and to help kids to communicate easier, but it’s also really challenging to work with young kids who have special needs. Lots of patience and flexibility…and a sense of humor is crucial! Read more>>

Gia Zinovoy | Model & Performing Artist

When I first started pursuing an unconventional path, I didn’t have much balance. I jumped into making myself super busy and went after each goal without really taking in and enjoying the journey. I love what I do, so I don’t really ever feel mentally burnt out; But I also have tons of energy and sometimes don’t know when to stop. So usually when the universe feels like I’m overdoing it, I end up in a forced-rest situation – like a minor muscle strain or little sinus infection. Read more>>

Diane Numark | Barre Boss, Mom & Optimist

My biggest tip for work-life-balance is learn to say “NO!” Its ok to not answer every text, dm or email instantly. Remembering to prioritize our health mentally, physiclaly and emotionally is the key to balance. Learning to work smart today means WE do not have to do everything ALL the time. Balance doesn’t come naturally or easy for me, I try to make it a habit by starting each day mindfully thinking about my most important values. And most recently, I made a list of things that make me happy. I was told to use my age as the goal and each year add something on my Birthday. What a GREAT present we can give ourselves. Read more>>

Lane Royall | Bob + Weave

I picked up fiber art at a time in my life when I was craving more balance. After teaching math for 7 years, I became a stay-at-home mom, a dream come true. I put everything into being a stay at home mom trying to do everything “right”, and after my second child was born, I felt like something was missing. I struggled with the guilt of not being fulfilled by being a stay at home mom. After all, this was my “dream job”. I was struggling with postpartum depression/anxiety, and I was looking for a creative outlet to calm my mind. Read more>>

Irving Victoria | Film Composer & Orchestrator

It has changed. Over time, I used to work crazy hours on every project I could get my hands on and I got used to it. It got to be normal for me and I even enjoyed it. I learned a lot, but it got to a point that it was affecting my work flow, it started to get harder to concentrate and get stuff done. I noticed I was burned and I knew something had to change. I started doing non music related things, all kinds of sports, photography, traveling, things that helped me cleared my head. Then I noticed that every time I went back to music, ideas will flow faster. That was the key! Now try to balance both parts of my life, giving my time and energy equally to both. Read more>>

Danila Savchenko | Founder of Purithea

Work life balance is really a challenge for anybody and finding the right mix is a continually evolving process. How to know when to keep pushing yourself but not burnout, or how far to enjoy yourself but not overindulge, is, in my own opinion, meant to be constantly adapting to the circumstances. At this point in my life, the balance weighs heavier in favor of work. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t have parenting responsibilities and I’m thankfully healthy, so I’m taking advantage of these circumstances to push myself harder while I still can. Of course, as that changes and I become a parent and I get older the balance will shift a bit in the other direction. Read more>>

Alyse Hamilton | Actor & Rising Star!

My work life balance has changed drastically over time. Constant hustling, day jobs, acting gigs, acting classes, networking and planning for future moves took up all my time. I was making really good moves in my career and doing all the right things but after a few years, the burn out set in. I started reflecting on how I could improve the quality of my life while still advancing in my career. Acting is a huge part of my life but it was not healthy for me to make it my WHOLE life. I started making more time for my family and friends. Read more>>

Marilyn Pham Tasdighi | Founder & Designer of Gemini Fusion

Work life balance is so important especially when running your own business. It’s all a grind & it’s so true when they say “you quit your 9-5 to work 24/7.” Honestly, at first I had no balance and that caused me to burn out really easily. When I initially launched my business, Gemini Fusion, it was all a grind for me in addition to my full time corporate job. I had my mind set on making my listings/jackets top sellers on Etsy so my business consumed me. Read more>>

Amanda Chamberlain Douglas | Coffee Entrepreneur

I always chat and think about the whole “work life balance” that everyone dreams of achieving in life. It’s one of those things that I always hope I’ll be able to actually live out when I’m younger, and not have to wait until later in life to have more down time or to retire. In many ways I think it’s one of those things that traditionally speaking people would have weekends off to spend time with loved ones and work a classic 9-5 during the weekdays and have those nights after, clocking out of the job and leaving it at the office. Read more>>

Greg Francis | CEO, Cinergy Construction

My work/life balance is a constantly evolving process for me. I work very hard, but I also put a lot of emphasis on taking time off and unplugging. I’ve learned over my years in business that the times that I take off from work are very often the times when I’m able to get a lot of clarity on issues that were, up until then, very challenging to solve in the day-to-day of the office. Read more>>