Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Kizuwanda Walton | Attorney & Real Estate Broker

The number one factor behind my success and the success of my brand is finding and meeting the needs of others. I truly cater to the specific needs of my clientele. An important aspect of this is education about the home buying or selling process and connecting clients to the right resources (mortgage lenders, credit repair, contractors, down payment assistance, etc.). I provide the information necessary to get my clients into the position they desire. Read more>>

Jenny Mosbaugh | Realtor

I have been told I am blunt to a fault. But on the flip side, I believe that the biggest factor behind my success has been my brutal honesty with clients and colleagues. I am a people pleaser; I have not always had the aptitude or confidence to speak my mind in a way that benefits others. Admittedly, I could probably sensor myself better at times, but I find that in the business of real estate that being transparent and direct breeds trust and respect. Read more>>

Ros Fiol | Artist + Animator

Definitely my community. Though I still have a ways to go, I owe all my present strides to the people that helped me get here in the first place. I see ‘community’ as something that takes many shapes. Community is my graduate cohort–and the many teachers who I ham-fisted into mentors over the years–, but it’s also the places that shaped me and the collective imaginations that give those places meaning. I also find myself, time and time again, returning to my lifelong friends and family for guidance. Read more>>

Stephanie Gutierrez | What’s That You’re Cookin? LLC food truck

The most important factor behind our success is the ability to adapt. We have to adapt to Mother Nature, each specific event that we’re serving at, different personalities in our customers, our surroundings and our setup, etc. the biggest challenge we had to adapt to was the pandemic. The last two years made us change the way we think, conduct business and navigate our marketing strategies. We started our online classes, sold our brand merchandise and did safe to go pick ups. I believe that because we are so flexible and creative we have been more successful in our business . Read more>>

Grant Lyon | Comedian and Board Game Content Creator

Consistency. In this day and age, you don’t have to create the most amazing, highly produced content. You need to create content consistently. If you have an idea, don’t spend months talking yourself into whether it is a good idea or not, just go make it. And then after you’re done making it, let it go and move on to the next idea. Consistently being able to come up with ideas is a skill that can be developed with practice. Read more>>

Malcolm Smith | Screenwriter and Creator of Butch Queen Energy

I think the most important factor behind the success and reception of Butch Queen Energy (BQE) is remaining honest as a storyteller. It’s really exciting that people are so invested in the series. The show follows three Black gay friends navigating life, love and career in Brooklyn, NY. To be honest, in creating the series I was a little apprehensive to write a story about a group of friends in their twenties. Because…let’s be honest there are a TON of series about a group of friends in their twenties. What I think viewers of BQE gravitated towards and appreciated is the honesty and authenticity of the show. Read more>>

Jamal Rajad | C.E.O & Artist

The most important factor is staying true to my self and to my team members. That’s the strong hold of our team, theres a genuine brotherhood and a love and care for all participants . It’s becomes more than valuable when the team feels and knows that. Read more>>