How do you know when you should keep going versus when it makes sense to cut your losses and try something new? It’s a difficult decision most entrepreneurs and creatives have faced along their journey and so we asked some brilliant folks from the community to share their thoughts.

Daphne Gabriel | Writer, Director & Actress

I follow the purpose that lies within my spirit. For a long time, I’ve felt called to the arts and I noticed the effects of my mental health when I wasn’t creative. My purpose is to tell stories that will inspire people to live their best lives. The fact that this goal still inspires me everyday shows me that there’s more work to be done. Read more>>

Annelise Eastes | Stage Manager & Professional Dancer

Although persistence is admirable and essential in achieving any significant goal, there’s a thin line between determination and insanity. You’ll know when you’re reaching the end of your rope when you stop caring about things you used to be passionate about. At that point, I believe it’s best to set a specific limit for yourself. For example, you might say you’re going to go to five more interviews or you’ll work to increase sales for six more months before you move on. Life has an interesting way of redirecting us when we need it, but if you still feel that passion for what you’re doing, you should keep going. Read more>>

Adam Gascho | Filmmaker, Fine Artist & Musician

Exercising my creative ambitions is something that I have to do and there isn’t a question of giving up. Giving up creatively means to me, that if you haven’t found enough financial success with your art you should face the reality that you don’t have what it takes. Give up. If you can’t support yourself as an artist are you really an artist? It makes some people embarrassed for you if you keep trying and don’t find a wider audience. I will continue to make art for the rest of my life even if it all ends up in a dumpster. Read more>>

FLASCH | Non-Binary Queer Music Artist based in Los Angeles

I can’t give up. Giving up on my dreams is giving up on everything I’ve been working for my entire life. There’s no turning back. I have no choice but to keep going. This is everything I’ve ever wanted, worked towards, dreamed of. I feel really grateful that as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a singer. One of my first memories was my grandma and I in her driveway in the valley picking cherry tomatoes, her teaching me my first real song, “You Are My Sunshine.” Read more>>

Dani Savka | Executive Assistant, Ballet Dancer/Choreographer, Actress

Ah… “give up” or to “keep going.” The question that many artists come to at some point – whether you’re a dancer, an actor, a filmmaker, and hell – even business people. Even single parents (or non-single parents!). Or teachers in education. I’m answering this question, because I admittedly relate to it more than you think. We all do. Here’s my two-cents: I suggest we to change our perception of giving up and to keep going.. I think artists of all kinds – actors, dancers, musicians – see ‘giving up’ and ‘keep going’ as black and white. Read more>>

Jisoo Chung | Visual Artist

I will ask myself if this is the best shot I could possibly do, if there is anything left that I can try. Read more>>

Payton Palazzolo | Music Producer/DJ

Giving up was never really an option. When I accepted the fact that the only alternative was to keep going, I stuck with that decision. Read more>>

Nesli Akkol | Social Entrepreneur and Magazine Style Blog Owner

Whether to keep going or to give up is a very personal journey and only each one of us can answer this question for ourselves. Here are the key metrics I use: 1) How will giving up, at this stage, affect my overall life goals and purpose?
2) Is this detrimental to my or others’ mental, emotional or physical health?
I list all the pros- and cons- and decide accordingly. But if it’s something I really aspire to do, I am known for not giving up – unless of course it has irreversible negative effects on me or other people. Read more>>

Alisa Walter | Blogger & Influencer

I would say, that giving up is never really an option, however, taking a break is perfectly fine. Even when things get hard and you receive some pushback, I see it as an option to keep going and test your tenacity per say. If you have been given a dream or a vision, the only thing you can do is keep going because i do believe that we are the answer to another person’s problem or a nation for that matter. Read more>>