We’ve been fortunate to connect with so many brilliant, thoughtful entrepreneurs and creatives and we regularly ask them about the most important lessons they’ve learned over the course of their careers. We’ve shared some highlights below.

CeCe Hendriks | Owner

The most important lesson I have learned in business may sound cliche but it is a true reality. And that is to Never give up and never, ever let someone talk you out of your path and or vision. I also have learned that sometimes even your friends are not your biggest support nor your ally. Read more>>

Ally Ferguson | Designer

After spending years in the fashion industry – my philosophy is simply staying in the game. The highs and lows of running a brand vary from day to day. One day you can land the editorial of a lifetime with a dream magazine, which makes you feel on top of the world and the contrast is then weeks can go by where you don’t hear a thing. The success buzz offers a natural high, but what do you do with yourself to make it through the less vibrant moments is what matters in this industry. As a creative my internal dialog loves to speak up when things get quiet. Keep your head in the game and learn to meditate. Read more>>

Lee Weinstein | Accountant

My career has taught me that you have to be so much more than your career when assisting clients. You can’t just put on one hat and say, I’m an accountant, and I can’t assist you with anything else. I take pride in having knowledge in many facets of the financial world…loans, credit repair, insurance, etc. I try to provide a global business consulting and point each client in the direction that would further assist in expanding their business and continuous growth, whether by providing them with additional knowledge or introducing them to other professionals who can assist them. I try to be a one stop shop for consulting and advice, and that is what makes me unique from everyone else. Read more>>

Melissa Dowler | Co-Founder & Director

The most important lesson is one I come back to every time I need to make a business decision: It’s either a heck yes, or it’s a no. Ten years ago, I left my job in advertising to start a film and video production company. I wanted to live a more creative and purposeful life, and work with people and brands whose values aligned with mine. In the early days of running a business, it’s exciting any time someone wants to work with you. I’m also an enthusiastic person who likes to help people, and I found myself getting caught up in projects that weren’t core to my purpose, or that didn’t truly set me alight. I realized that if I wanted to build a business that was in alignment with my highest values, I had to make conscious choices about what projects I took on, and which ones I didn’t. Read more>>

Tilita (aka ‘Coach T’) Lutterloh | High Performance Coach & Athlete

Ooh, such a good question! To trust myself, to be 100% myself, and to create what I would want! Read more>>

Michele Asselin | Artist & Photographer

My career has taught me that one must maintaining focus and integrity always. I have learned that success comes from commiting to defined goals and never compromising. As an independent person in a creative and competitive field, I have learned time and time again to work only for myself. I have learned this most important lesson through successes and failures both. It can be very easy to be distracted by the work of those around you, the need to make money, the thrill of being “of the moment”. While I do not believe shortcuts amount to much, other than a waste of time, there is one magic formula– intention, rigor, passion and persistence. Read more>>