We had the good fortune of connecting with Alex Bear Hayden and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Alex, we’d love to hear more about how you thought about starting your own business?
Family is everything to me. I decided to build a business because I want to retire my parents early & live the lifestyle I dreamed of as a kid. I want to travel all over the world, and inspire others to better themselves. I’m a regular guy, who served in the military. I wasn’t born rich by any means. I want to be an example for those who have big dreams. To show others that in life, the only formula for success is legit brutal hard work, consistency, and faith in yourself. If you have family that supports you, GREAT! If not, you’ll have me in your ear yelling that “You got this! Don’t give up. Keep up the pursuit!” I can go on about this for hours.

What should our readers know about your business?
I’m most proud of the teaching and advising I’ve provided those who follow me. As a realtor, I eat, sleep, and breathe real estate. There are a ton of things we aren’t taught about real estate when growing up. So when I give my followers the blueprint of how to buy a home and live in it for free, I get really geeked about that. It’s a total life hack that isn’t rocket science. Or when it comes to showing professional athletes that buying a luxury home in LA could put nearly half a million dollars in your pocket every single year. This is what sets me apart, I’ve learned to provide the highest level of service by putting myself in my clients’ shoes. I think of their money as if it were mine; would I buy this deal? Will this provide me the kinds of returns I’d be excited about? Is this house the house I want to raise my kids in? These are questions that put the client’s needs ahead of my own. I got to where I am now by having a very high tolerance for risk. A lot of people would look at me crazy for how willing I am to take a quick trip to Miami, then buy a property a few months later. But my goal is to show people how investing in real estate can change your life, one property at a time. Men like Nipsey Hussle understood this philosophy. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. I’m here to be the example, that it takes years to start to see real progress, and even more years to start to live the lifestyle you dreamed of. Will you quit or keep up the pursuit? Building a business isn’t at all easy. It’s tough & tiring both physically and especially mentally. An analogy I like to share with people are books. We can go to any library, check out a book, read it in a week, and have more knowledge than we had a week ago. What people don’t think about is, the author’s efforts in creating that book. How long did it take that author to write that book? I assure you, it wasn’t a week. A book is someone’s life’s work, sometimes many times over. We can’t allow setbacks, in the beginning of our business journey, to stop us from pursuing all together. The setbacks are what set real business owners apart from those who like the way owning a business sounds or looks from the outside looking in.
I overcame challenges by prayer. Honestly, God has gotten me through everything I’ve had to overcome. Even in times where I saw no way out, He made a way out of seemingly nowhere.
Along my business journey I’ve learned to live out the phrase; “Scared money don’t make money”. This is so true. When it comes to marketing my luxury brand and building awareness of who I am & what I represent, I’ve spent tons of money getting started. When starting a business you think, “Ok, I’ll spend a few hundred dollars here, couple hundred dollars there” and think this will yield you your first client. Often times it isn’t that at all. That price tag is typically quadrupled that to even start to see a piece of the pie you want. I’ve learned that you have to try everything until you find something that just works. Then whatever that is, double down on it. I’ve also learned to enjoy the ride, get some sleep, and create a plan. When I joined the Navy, I was the best at what I did on the ship. But I tortured myself to get there. Sacrificing sleep, skipping meals, and skipping workouts to get to where I wanted to be. Now, as a luxury realtor in LA, I learned to listen to my body. When it’s time to take a nap, I’ll take a nap. When I’m overwhelmed, I’ll go to the movies. I learned that taking a few hours to decompress is not harming the dream nor does it have to affect the service I provide my clients. As long as my clients are taken care of before I take any kind of break, I’m in the clear. Popcorn awaits!
I want the world to know that Alex is the epitome of work ethic being met with consistency. My brand in representing professional athletes acquire real estate is to help where I see a need. We’ve all seen stories where pro athletes don’t invest and get out of the league with nothing. Real estate is never going anywhere. I want to see more pro athletes attain higher levels of wealth while they play in the league, that way when they retire, they know their family is well taken care of because their money is making them even more money completely passive while they sleep. Auto-pilot money. Real estate has the ability to do that, and pros have the responsibility to setup their families as I know they often dream of doing. I’m here to bridge the gap! Let’s get to it.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
Ok so as far as food places, I’d have to take my friends to Toca Madera, Eveleigh, and The Grove. Eveleigh is one of my favorites for the night life vibes along with really good food and well made drinks. The ambience is second to none in WeHo. When it comes to hangout spots there are so many. I would take my friends to Thousand Oaks, there’s a really awesome hiking trail that leads up to a waterfall. Aside from those, the Santa Monica Pier is high on the priority list of must sees.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
First and foremost I have to shoutout my mother & father for working their tails off to raise me into the man I am. While I served in the Navy, Manny, Dom Cannon, and Mac. You 3 molded me in 3 different ways in regards to learning what it means to work hard & smart in order to gain success in my field. For that, I’m truly forever grateful.

Website: www.alexhaydenhomes.com

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