We had the good fortune of connecting with Allyn Cioban and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Allyn, what do you want your legacy to be?
I have known since I was a little girl that I am here to help others. The words I heard in my head as a teenager were, “you are here to do good.” It took me a while to figure out what I felt inspired to do that would serve others.

My first effort to help people was my first career as a group exercise and fitness trainer. Back then I was very focused on my body and trying to look good (which personally lead me to eating disorders) but I was young and was able to help others love they way they looked.

I then was inspired in college to make films that spread positive messages. I ended up working my way up the Commercial Production industry, making a good living selling burgers, dog food and beer on TV! The highlight of this effort for me was a beautiful Public Service Announcement I wrote and produced with a friend who directed it. Imagine, from a Bee’s point of view, buzzing through a backyard BBQ, flying from peson to person of varying skin tones trying to decide which to plunge its stinger into. Hear a slap. Cut to black. These words appear on screen: “To a bee we are all the same…lunch! Think Before You Hate” Ending racism was and still is important to me. Unfortunately, that night as the film sat in the Lab to be processed, the Northridge Earthquake hit LA and our film was destroyed by the chemicals.

I worked as a nonprofit Executive raising awareness and funds for people impacted by cancer and then to provide affordable healthcare to underserved populations. During these years, I realized that I was really interested in providing preventative health care services for people to help them not get sick in the first place. I was practicing yoga and eventually got certified. I studied the mind-body connection voraciously and took several trainings in various lineages and yogic styles. I became a yoga, breathwork and meditation teacher and wrote a Signature Course on how to transform your body, health (or career, relationship, or anything else you desire) by retraining your brain, habits, thoughts, words, attitudes, and actions.

Eventually I quit my day job and have been teaching yoga, breathwork, and meditation as well as coaching clients for eleven years now! I also work with an amazing team of Teacher Trainers and get to help others begin their path as yoga and breathwork teachers! My course, called Your Essential Self (YES) | a transformation, is available online, and I offer a wide array of holistic self awareness and consciousness raising offerings like coaching (which I call MInd-Body Mentoring), Harmonyum Healing (a gorgeously powerful self-healing system using light touch and divine energy), Birthdate Mapping (planetary/personality reading based on one’s birth date and numerology), Private Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation, and more. I have a Private Facebook Group called “How To Change | tips, tools and community” where I offer a ton of free support and hold space for my community to inspire each other as they/we all work on becoming better versions of ourselves, little by little every day. I am studying to get my doctorate in Metaphysics and wish to help elevate peoples perception of spirituality and the yogic sciences as preventative health care…which it is.

I want to be remembered as a person who made a difference by loving others unconditionally; someone who helped many find inner love, acceptance and divine connection and healing from within; someone who played a role in shifting our culture to one of understanding that we are all the same, we are all divine beings of light meant to be kind and loving to one another.

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
I am what I call a Mind Body Mentor…which is essentially a transformation coach. I love to help people who are deeply ready for change, but don’t know how to create it. What sets me apart from other coaches is that I use spiritual principals and laws of the universe (that are universal, not religious) to guide my clients to make the mental, emotional and physical adjustments needed to cause true and lasting change.

My path to becoming a Mind Body Mentor was not easy, because being a great mentor means that we have successfully gone through the mud ourselves! This certainly has been the case for me. So, I have a lot of experience getting through life’s challenges, and coming out the other side a better human. Overcoming my issues and unconscious habitual patterns has inspired me to help others have an easier time of it!

I tend to work with clients who have similar issues as I’ve had in my past, because don’t we teach exactly what we need?! So my clients are generally wanting to create change with their… body, body image or eating disorders; self-worth, lack of confidence, and all the not enough-ness; losing one’s self and center within relationships; healing karma and the root cause of physical pains and psychosocial issues; finding one’s purpose and transitioning career; aging gracefully, healthfully and in an empowered way; overcoming fear, anxiety, and depression; developing joy, optimism and meaning in life… you know, all the simple and easy stuff! ;-D

The process is different with each and every client, as each person is unique. What is consistent is that each feels safe, seen and heard in the sacred space of deep listening and unconditional love I hold for them. They all benefit from the multitude of tools, techniques and practices I’ve studied, have used personally, and select from intuitively. It’s my great joy to see them release, expand, and become all they choose to be through our work together!

Perhaps one of the most difficult things I have dealt with in developing my business and my brand is that I am truly a multi-passionate entrepreneur! In addition to Mind Body Mentor coaching, I am also…

• A Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation Teacher, trained in multiple lineages and styles
o I work with clients privately to achieve their health and wellness goals
o I teach weekly live online classes via Naam LA Online
o I have a Class Library called Ancient Breathwork for Modern Life | Yoga and Pranayama On Demand, which is available in my Teachable School

• A Yoga Teacher Trainer
o I am known as an alignment and posture expert within the international training team I am so blessed to work with via Naam Education

• A Course Creator and Online Course Leader with three courses currently available in my Teachable School, under my brand Your Essential Self.
o Your Essential Self | the yogic brain is a FREE Course in which you will learn about your brain, and why it’s so important to create a strong and balanced brain. I guide you through a breathing technique that is very relaxing and powerfully healing for the brain.
o Your Essential Self | your three bodies is an extremely affordable Yoga Workshop that incorporates divine wisdom, yoga philosophy and a yoga practice. In it you will learn about the Koshas and Universal Pyramid, which explain the importance of working with the brain and our emotions, as well as the physical body, to create true and lasting change.
o Your Essential Self | a transformation is a course I’ve been teaching in person to small groups in Santa Monica for over twelve years. It is a 12-session deep dive inward that includes group coaching sessions and takes you through my signature process which creates real transformation.

• A Harmonyum Practitioner
o Harmonyum Healing is a light touch deep healing modality that causes one’s self-healing mechanism to come to life. These one on one sessions are deeply relaxing to the nervous system. Harmonyum is a gentle and beautiful way to heal on the higher planes, which impact our physical experience as the causes for the effects we live with.

• A Cosmic Astrologist
o I work with the system of the 7 Creative Planets, which is known as higher astrology that includes but is not limited to the 12 Zodiak Signs. In these one on one sessions you will learn about the universe and planetary arrangement on the day of your birth. You will discover how these planetary energies are planted within you and how they have been influencing your personality, patterns and therefore your life. You will walk away from each session with a much deeper understanding of who you are, and how to create balance with the forces of nature governing you, and how to apply the Law of Timing for your highest good.
o Sessions can also be done with Couples, as well as Business Partners and Teams.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
My favorite spots in LA are the beaches, for sure. I love being near the water and seeing the sun sparkle its silver glimmers on its surface. Honestly, when I have friends in from out of town or want to spend time with my besties, its straight to the beach we go to walk with feet in the sand, breathing in the fresh ocean breeze, and sometimes feeling the mist of the sea on our faces.

I also love to hike the trails of the Santa Monica Mountains from Pacific Palisades through Malibu. There’s something so magestic about getting to the top and enjoying the birds eye views of the Pacific and the city. We are so blessed with stunning weather most of the time, so I really like to enjoy what mother nature has gifted us here!

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
There have been many who have graciously mentored me throughout my various careers, each having a hand in supporting me to become who I am today. I am grateful for each of them…my teachers, bosses, friends, family and colleagues.

One person who has made a tremendous difference in my life over the past 11 years is my Spiritual Teacher, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. He has taught me so much! Not only has he trained me in various lineages of yoga and breathwork (Sukshma Vyayama) and mantra meditation (Naam), but he has also taught me Divine Spiritual Wisdom (Universal Kabbalah or the Laws of the Universe) and the Harmonyum Healing System.

In the yogic scriptures it is said to be a great blessing to find your Spiritual Teacher in this lifetime. I do feel incredibly blessed to have found mine. It is comforting and enlightening to be guided and mentored by a person who embodies such purity of heart, who is so unconditional with his love, and who’s main message is to serve others. He has and continues to support me as I build my confidence and step into my role as spiritual leader and healer, and thus fulfill that inner knowing I’ve had my whole life… I am here to serve.

Before the Yogic Sciences were my career, I spent ten years as a Development and Marketing Director in the nonprofit sector. I had the best boss, Ellen Silver, who was such a great mentor and has since become and remains a great friend. She lead by example, worked so hard to help those in need, and was always authentic. Ellen has a heart that seems larger than her tiny frame and as large as her outgoing and fun personality!

Prior to my stint in the nonprofit world, I produced commercials and movie trailers. Again, I was so lucky to have such a powerhouse of a mentor, Vincent Arcaro of Darklight Pictures. Those days feel sooooooo long ago today! But, I still remember many of the powerful lessons I learned from Vince, he really showed me the ropes. He was a little scary with his booming voice yelling down the hallway for me, “Curly!” Over time I learned he was a big, loving, teddy bear kind of man who was super committed to doing great work. Those were some fabulously interesting, never boring, super detail oriented, loooong days of production, advertising, and creating. I’ll always be thankful for the great work ethic and fun memories that remain!

Website: http://www.allyncioban.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/allyncioban/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/allyn-cioban-2384501/

Twitter: yesallyn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/979829225803639/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/YESwellbeing

Other: Your Essential Self | a transformation: https://allyncioban.teachable.com/p/your-essential-self-a-transformation Your Essential Self | your three bodies: https://allyncioban.teachable.com/p/yes-your-three-bodies Your Essential Self | the yogic brain: https://allyncioban.teachable.com/p/yes-yogic-brain-free Mind Body Mentor | Coaching: https://calendly.com/allyncioban Yoga & Pranayama | On Demand: https://allyncioban.teachable.com/p/ancientbreathworkformodernlife Live Online Weekly Classes: https://nyla.naamyoga.com/p/naamallyn

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