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Hi Batista, we’d love for you to start things off by telling us something about your industry that we and others not in the industry might be unaware of?
Suppose you have ever tried home workouts, gym memberships, weight-loss diets, personal trainers, liposuction, or even laser body-sculpting. In that case, you know that trying to get in shape is: Uncomfortable Painful Disappointing And you probably already know that you just don’t seem to get the results you’re looking for! As a woman, you want to look good, but your body wants to feel good first. Most gyms and workout studios are just not designed with a woman’s comfort in mind. Because let’s face the truth, they’re generally designed and built by men. Performance (male energy / left brain) is what the fitness industry, in general, is all about. Personal trainers teach women to do more than they can comfortably do by going for the pain, potentially leading to injuries. Performance-oriented exercises are what women do when they work out independently, with their significant others or personal trainer. Those exercise routines and machines taught to us by “trainers” may be doing more harm than good. Doing the same thing over and over again will only give us the same unsatisfying results physically and emotionally! By carrying over your masculine side of the intellectual work mode to playtime, you remain in your intellectual mind. You’ve been sincere, and you’ve been working hard, but what you’re doing is directly against your Feminine Nature! After a while, your body realizes all that and starts balking. It starts telling you, “This isn’t for me.” And for a lot of women, in the end, their body wins the struggle. They quit. What you need is just the opposite, as you are already predominantly using your male energy at work. You need to be able to reconnect with your body from a female perspective in your workouts. As a woman, you can’t just train your body, but you must also accommodate your feelings and emotions. You are unique, and you have within a unique divine design. So if you haven’t achieved your goals, it may just be because you haven’t been approaching your fitness regimen from a female point of view. A woman needs to feel good to do good, where her chakras are centered and securely grounded. Then she will feel comfortable, safe, and empowered, and she will know what to do and be in control of her destiny.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
Making a career transition at 50 years old did not come without challenges. It happened after hiring Stephen Hercy aka Dr Fitness USA, the foremost expert in the world in strength training and body design, to help me with recovering from my injuries, and later marrying him. SCALING THE BUSINESS The first roadblock came with introducing a new vision for the company. Stephen had only worked individually with high-end clients, much like a sculptor or painter, creating an art piece for each person. As a visionary, I immediately saw the possibility of growing the company if we could only harness the knowledge and create a duplicatable process that could be accessed online. This would enable us to have a more comprehensive array of services and prices. To this end, we began attending business growth organizations. We first joined CEO Space International, at the time, led by Berny Dohrmann. Our first business forum took us to Henderson, Nevada. This is where we began to concretely take action steps to turn the vision into a reality. Stephen received the official title of Dr Fitness USA by Berny Dohrmann. Shortly before his passing, Berny nominated Dr Fitness USA as the First Super Body Transformation Expert in the World. In his last endorsement, he urges business leaders to take action now in their health.” Yesterday was already too late to say yes!” CEO Space International was the first of many other business growth organizations we consequently joined to pursue the answers to scaling our business. COPING WITH HSP SYNDROME Stephen Hercy, aka Dr Fitness USA, is a cat of a different color, a genius, intuitive. Still, I soon found out that genius comes at a high price, as he is classified as an HSP or Highly Sensitive Person. Light, crowds, and noise profoundly affect him, making maneuvering live or online forums and events with hundreds of people in attendance a real challenge. Consequently, people often misunderstand him and missjudge him. This, by far, has been and still is the biggest challenge. FORMULATING THE VIRTUAL PROGRAMS Other challenges included actually developing virtual programs. To this end, I became a personal trainer; I worked as an independent professional trainer at Golds Gym Venice for 5 years. I also learned the art of Body Design through developing our client’s programs and comparing them with Stephen’s, learning to think like him, and perceive bodies as he does. Comparing notes, I started spotting similarities and put the programs into formulas, or what we call now “prescriptions.” MASTERING TECHNOLOGY The other challenge came with mastering technology. We threw thousands of dollars down the drain in trials and errors. BRANDING A ONE OF A KIND SERVICE Branding presented vast arrays of challenges as well. Dr Fitness USA’s philosophy is cutting edge and revolutionary with no real point of reference for branding experts to sink their teeth in. The question remains:” Don’t personal trainers do the same thing?” Is a painter the same as an interior decorator, a hairdresser equal to a hair designer, a doctor the same as the nurse? Is the architect the same as the general contractor? The answer, of course, is obviously not. Stephen is the architect of the body, the personal trainer is the general contractor. But in the fitness industry, it appears as everyone is thinking of themselves as their own experts.  We provide sustainable education. PANDEMIC CHALLENGES Of course, most recently, the pandemic presented a considerable challenge. While we had successfully managed to master technology and formulate the training programs for online consumption, all of our teachings were still done in the gym environment. With gyms closing worldwide, we had to recreate programs from scratch. A business mentor once told me,”, It’s not about what you do; it’s about what you know.” The lightbulb went on. I realized the value of having spent almost a decade in researching and developing our virtual programs. Our strength training programs are genuine formulas, prescriptions. By following the format and philosophy we used with gym equipment, we could transfer the knowledge to our home workout plans. Following the sequence of exercises, our unique proprietary weight ratio system, and the philosophy, we were able to keep our students engaged. As a result, we grew an entirely new department in our company in the last few months. Today the Dr Fitness International Company is divided into the following categories Individual Programs for men and women, 1:1 trainings in the gym Individual virtual Programs mentoring through our Dr Fitness International app a) Gym programs b) At home Signature 6-week course done in small groups (at-home program) Do It Yourself and Done For You Mentoring Programs Custom gym setup and design for your home or business Relationship Self Defense School. Learn how to communicate effectively to enhance relationships and business We also have opened the door to Joint Venture partnerships. CONCLUSION The road toward a healthy body goes through the mind. Everyone knows that a positive mindset is the first step toward transformation. However, what is less discussed is that a positive or negative state of mind is highly influenced by the nervous system’s proper functioning, directly connected to one’s postural alignment, physical strength, and musculoskeletal development. Training incorrectly with old faulty patterns can lead to permanent damage to your posture. What begins as merely an unsightly stance or carriage can lead to authentic health problems if not corrected. A CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE In the new age philosophy, one needs to think of positive thoughts to achieve results. The Body Design Formula offers a new perspective. By taking action physically in a specific way, you will increase your physical strength by 20% to 50%. Body Design Formula creates a brain-muscle connection that unlocks the combination of mind and body integration by clearing the brain’s neuromuscular pathways. It activates synergistic muscles you may not be aware of that send blood flow and oxygen to the dormant brain. It rewires the brain and reconnects dots from the inside out and opens new creative channels that will immediately provoke a sense of calm and stress relief, much like an active meditation. It is designed to help men and women feel better, look better, develop more self-esteem, and even start turning a few heads. Once you’re stronger, you’ll feel better, healthier, more robust. You’ll look better, too, and your clothes will fit better. Dare I even say, sexier? You’ll find yourself able to do more, to work more efficiently, even earn more. You’ll enjoy yourself after work, too, and won’t be too tired to play. Trust me, I know what I am talking about because I walk the talk. Every day Stephen compliments me on my beautiful legs and chases me around the house with his camera! I leg press 650lbs, Incline chest press 135lbs, while I still work the business 12 hours a day, I average 4 to 5 training sessions per week, I have been pain-free for 11 years, and I look and feel 15 years younger than I did 11 years ago. And no, I don’t look like a bodybuilder, in case you were wondering. IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT WOMEN You may have had the impression that we only work with women. Not so. The Body Design Formula is equally empowering for men. Strength training increases the production of testosterone naturally in men. It considers the student’s present physical, mental, and emotional condition safely while honoring the feminine side of a man without confrontation or aggressive behavior experienced with personal training. According to his belief system, every man has a right to be respected for his intellectual thoughts, opinions, ideas, and solutions. However, suppose the facts that feed his belief system are faulty. In that case, his belief system will keep him a prisoner of self-imposed limitations. Body Design Formula’s system helps to do away with old habits. It forms new oxygen flow passages to dormant parts of the brain, eliminating self-sabotaging patterns with a new awakening of vitality and youth in a man’s life. TRANSFORMING YOUR BODY WILL ULIMATELY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE Whether male or female, You can reach your goals: a) Looking more feminine/manly b) Dealing with body changes that come with aging and slowing their effects c) Taking care of your body by loving yourself first d) Learning how not to feel guilty about meeting your own needs. Body Design Formula transcends all other methods based on weight gain and/or weight loss and helps women and men rediscover the joys of becoming masters of their bodies. It implements ergonomic scaffolding to achieve maximum results in simple, safe, and sustainable steps. Don’t wait any longer. If you don’t have a mentor who can take your hand and walk you through every step of the way to achieving the balanced, sculpted and pain free body you desire  and deserve then go to DrFitnessInt.com and complete the application to book a 1 on 1 call with one of our mentor to discuss how we can be of service to you. Allow your mind to conceive your new body image; let your heart believe that it is possible, and allow Dr Fitness International to achieve your dream.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
Gold’s gym Venice The Mecca Of Bodybuilding Muscle Beach in Venice Beach The Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro Cabrillo Beach and Marina in San Pedro Donald Trump State Park in Palos Verdes Kenneth Hann State Park in Culver City A trip along the coast to San Francisco.

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I am a former professional flamenco and ballet dancer. I suffered many injuries caused by a long career as an entertainer and several car accidents I was involved with in my mid-twenties. Eleven years ago, I met Stephen Hercy, aka Dr Fitness USA, an International Body Designer. He introduced me to his Body Design Formula Strength Training System. As a professional dancer, I had been conditioned to believe in no pain, no gain, the show must go on philosophy. Dr Fitness USA’s conversation was different, not only in terms of the weight lifting protocol but also in the philosophy. He introduced me to NO PAIN, MORE GAIN, working out from a female perspective, and never doing anything uncomfortable. The concepts of lifting weight associated with, no pain more gain, didn’t make sense; it all sounded strange and different; however, I hired him in desperation. Practicing Dr Fitness USA’s strength training system enabled me to recover from all my injuries very rapidly. By embracing his unique philosophy, I overcame the distorted negative self-image I suffered from since I was very young, growing up as a ballet dancer. It opened a path of integrating and grounding my body and my spirit by creating physical strength and an equal amount of emotional stability, and embracing a higher level of love for myself. Today, my perception of fitness, performance, business, or simply being alive is very different from what it used to be. I made a career transition from dance to Body Design after marrying Stephen Hercy aka Dr Fitness USA. Today, we are the proud co-owners of the Dr Fitness International company, teaching men and women to become masters of their bodies worldwide. Our company has grown exponentially and internationally since the launch of our virtual, online new business model that we integrated 4 years ago.

Website: DrFitnessInt.com
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