We had the good fortune of connecting with Cyndi Akel Flagg and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Cyndi, what do you want your legacy to be?

What do I want my Legacy to be? What do you want people to remember you by? In January, 2017, my family discovered my mom was terminally ill with Hodgkins Lymphoma. The doctors gave her no longer than 6 months to live. She had no clue she was going to die. My mom experienced a lot of pain, abuse and suffering in her life. She walked with a mental illness and dementia. Even with her painful past, she had an inner childlike innocence of pure Joy and Sweetness. She loved her dog, God and her kids so much. Everyone who met my mom, loved her and they all said she was the sweetest and kindest women. What wasn’t known was the pain and suffering, abuse my mom had been through which was a pattern that had been passed down in our family system. My sister and I brought our mom home from the hospital for home hospice care. We wanted her to be the most comfortable and know how much she was loved and adored. We wanted to share as much time with her as possible. She was our Mama. For the next three months, I had the privilege and honor to be one of her caretakers. Little did I know how much my life would change with her dying process and the death of our Matriarch. As my mom was in her dying process from her physical life, so was I, in my own way. I thought about my mom’s life from as far back as I could remember, up until her last breath and still, even now. Her life as a woman, teacher, student, mother, wife, divorced single mom, a widow, a person, a human – all her roles she played out in this life. I thought about how she lived, who she was and who she had dreamed of becoming. I thought about her Legacy, what it was, and how did her presence or at times, lack of her presence influence and inspire me and others. Did she live out her dream life, did she accomplish what her heart had said YES to? Did she consider what her Legacy would be? I wondered, “Do people think about this, if so, would we choose to live more consciously and purposefully?” From January 2017 – March 2017, I shared everyday with my mom and witnessed and held her during her dying process. Part of my work is also helping people cross over. I worked a lot with my mom freeing her up so she would be free to leave this plane and her physical body. I contemplated how she made a difference in people’s lives and did she leave feeling she fulfilled her purpose here? As I began to contemplate her Legacy, I turned my gaze toward my own life. I asked myself what Legacy am I leaving? In what ways have I serve humanity, our planet, the Ancestors in all lifetimes? Would my parents, son, niece and family be happy and feel Joy in the Legacy I was leaving? Am I living my purpose, my life, my dream life? I knew my mom was not, and did not live her dream life. I knew she accepted life as is, as if she was powerless, didn’t have a choice or ability to make her dreams come to fruition. As I reviewed her life, I recognized I was out of alignment with my purpose and my dreams. I was repeating family patterns and recognized my mom’s choices showed me I could choose differently and, I was meant to. I understood that I am to re-author how my life and our lineage was playing out. I knew in order to create change, I had to change the way I had been doing my life. I knew all the roles I had been upholding had to die, in order to create space for birth and renewal. I knew the Legacy I was to leave was one that is anchored in LOVE, GRATITUDE, AUTHENTICITY and RIGHT RELATIONSHIP. It is a Legacy rooted in EMPOWERMENT, CONSCIOUSNESS, SERVICE, SELF RESPONSIBILITY, TRUTH, REVERENCE, AWARENESS and FREEDOM. My true expression and heart’s desires of the Legacy I want to leave behind is one that shows people they too are Infinite Possibilities, Love unfolding in each moment. I want to be known as the one who allowed herself to shine her Light so bright that others saw this Light as their own reflection. I want to be remembered as an inspiration and in service to all our relations, a “Catalyst for Change and Way Shower of living on purpose with purpose, anchored in Love, Gratitude, Right Relationship and Freedom. A Healing Alchemist who shared her gifts with the world and helped raise the vibration of our Global Community, Mother Earth and devoted herself to creating a world full of bright lights of LOVE. No matter what life’s opportunities were gifted her way, that she stayed anchored in love, AND forgiveness. She persevered, rose above and transformed her life. She showed up in and as unconditional love, as her best self, for her family, herself and for others and to support them in transforming their lives. I want my Legacy to leave behind a better world for all our relations past, present and future. One that helps to decolonize the old systems, beliefs and ways of living that fosters and keeps active separation, racism, sexism, abuse, isolation and better than ways. I want to support us in remembering our TRUTH, our ESSENCE, to remember who we are. I want my Legacy to invoke curiosity within each other and to ask themselves these questions as well…… How am I showing up? What Legacy will I leave behind? How did I show up in service, right relationship, as my authentic Self and as the Divine expression of Love? Am I living my dream life, taking ownership of my choices and self responsibility? How am I contributing to create a better world for us all, in all of our lifetimes? What can I do to be my best self in each moment? What world do I want to live in? How do I want to feel each day? Can you imagine a world where we lived in love and vibed love for each other and all our relations? I invite you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine what our world would be like if we all allowed our lights to shine as our brightest stars, lived in harmony, gratitude and right relationship with one another, our planet and stayed anchored in our hearts, allowing LOVE to be our guide. Please join me in remembering we are a Legacy of LOVE. In Reverence and Gratitude, Cyndi

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
My Art, is unique in the way that my Art is the Ancient Wisdom Art of Healing. We are the ART. Healing is the ART. It is the ways we come to healing, be the healing, are the healing, places of healing, modalities, tools and processes used in healing. Even our breath and how we breathe is an Art. Who we are, our presence, body temple, our inner shrine is a symbiotic expression with Love, as Love, as ART weaving our destiny into creation in Oneness. We are the Infinite Creative. I grew up in a violent home where there was sexual, physical, emotional abuse, mental illness and love. My parents were immigrants and I was teased at school for being “different”. Even back then, I knew I was different though more so in that I was here creating my unique palette of how I lived life and the choices I made. I wasn’t rebelling, I was simply on my path discovering me and the world, my world. I was curious and still am. I saw Life as an Art form, always in creation. Life is the Awe and Wonder of Infinite possibilities like a blank canvas and the “finished” expression. My choices in how I lived were not always an easy road for me because I refused to be like everyone else and follow suit even though I had a lot of pressure to do what was expected of me. I have studied and personally experienced many different forms of healing modalities. I wanted to heal my trauma and live the life I truly came here to live, not one that was dictated by my painful past or by societal beliefs and rules. I knew I had a choice to show up for me and live as my highest expression or stay in victimhood and just exist or fall apart. My Vision of creating a world where we live in Love, Harmony, Right Relationship and Oneness is important for me. It is what kept me and continues to inspire me to do what I do and keep growing, expanding and creating. I feel when we connect with our artistic expression of the Infinite, the inherent wisdom that is within each of us, we begin to remember we are more powerful, beautiful, abundant and more than we ever imagined. We can create and dream the life we desire. The more we breathe into our hearts, the more we connect within our Divinity and the more creativity we express from, living our true essence – our freedom. The way I create Sacred space for my healing work with individuals, groups and events embodies the Infinite Creative of all that we are. My work incorporates Ceremony, Ritual, Breathwork, Shamanic Practices, Sound Healing, Yoga, Miracle Consciousness, Coaching, Alchemy and more. I feel how we used to be in tribe, in circle, sharing stories and being one with the elements and the Universe is a powerful way of being. I bring Ancient Healing Arts into our Modern times and we work outside of time and space always in co-creation. I’ve learned that in order to create change, we have to change. I knew I had to change. I continue to do my inner work to evolve, learn, heal, grow and create. I keep listening to where I am guided, I trust, take action and I surrender. I really practice not listening to what other people’s ideas and expectations are for me and what they believe I “need” and “should” be doing. It is my heart’s desire for the world to know that living our dreams is possible, that we are more powerful than we may believe, NO is a complete sentence, abuse is real, sexual assault happens and Narcissistic abuse is a thing-you are not crazy, it’s not your fault, you matter and you are Divinely perfect! We are always supported by the Universe, Spirit, God or however you refer to the Divine Living Intelligence. You have an arsenal of Benevolent Beings who have your back. Your breath is Consciousness and a powerful tool you have to lean into 24 hours a day. Your breath caresses you as a loved one does. It is a Sacred relationship that reflects what is happening in your inner world by what is happening in your outer world. I invite you to call in your future self and ask for some guidance, they are waiting for you! Connect with your heart, your breath, the sacred elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. Gather in your energy, receive a breath and allow your heart’s desires to flow freely. You are worth saying YES to! If you are called to receive a complimentary 30 minute Session, please email me @ inspiredlife@aumalchemy.com or connect with me on Instagram @ allowyourlight and send me a message.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
There is so much in LA and not far from LA. We are blessed here. I love that we can go to the mountains, desert, beach and city all in one day. I do have a 12 year old son, these are all child friendly places. Suiho En Garden of Water and Fragrance and Sushi in Little Tokyo Vromans Book Store, The Huntington Library and Pasadena and at night head over to Perch for a beautiful rooftop view dinner Hollywood – Farmers Market on a Sunday then off to Griffith Park – hiking and a picnic and Observatory visit Malibu Beach El Capitan Canyon and hiking trails natural water springs Downtown – Chinatown – Biltmore Hotel and Rendezvous Court MOMA in the day and Hollywood Bowl picnic and concert at night Lake Shrine Self realization Fellowship center and at night, enjoy a Sweat Lodge or Moonlit hike. A few hour drive away for a day trip……. Joshua Tree and Pioneer Town. Eat at Pappy and Harriets. Take a drive to Santa Barbara, head to Ojai for hiking then lunch and an evening Fire Ceremony.  Big Bear and Idylwild are also lovely spots to get in some play, hiking and explore beautiful mountains and lakes.

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Transformational Breath® Foundation Founder and amazing Teacher/Mentor– Judith Kravitz 

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