We had the good fortune of connecting with Suraya Erikkson and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Suraya, do you have a favorite quote or affirmation?
I noticed that upon answering one of your questions, I will actually be answering two of them (“my favorite quote” and “risk”), because they are inextricably intertwined. I’m a heart-based person and thrive on inspiration and passion. So, everything related to me begins there. The following quote from Einstein exemplifies the journey, the mental edge I’ve had to cultivate my whole life that manifested itself in the writing of my book “God and the Evolution of Orgasm,” about a life-changing spiritual awakening and the reality of the self as bliss: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein A quote, an idea can be a great and powerful teacher. The beauty of this quote from Einstein in my life is that first, when I was a kid, it was a rational guidepost; but then, as my career became exploring consciousness, it came to life as truth from first-hand experiences of my own consciousness shifting, taking me to new levels of awareness and mastery. None of the fruits of my life journey, both spiritual and as an author, would have been possible without taking the risk of leaving behind old mind sets and stepping into yet unknown perceptions! And that brings into play your question about the importance of risk in the life of an innovator or entrepreneurial spirit. In the mere definition of both these words, risk is at the forefront. I have learned that it takes great risk to be an innovator or just to believe in oneself. It was not easy for me to expose my intimate life as I do in the book, because I was raised to be very private. Compounding the issue was that my father was against anything that explored spirituality or consciousness, so I was doubly discouraged to embark on this path as a career. So, when the time came and my experience of higher states of consciousness was undeniable and overwhelmingly awesome to me, I knew I had to share my story; I still had to go through a process to change some old thinking patterns to move forward, claim my mastery, and write my book. Through a process of self-reflection in meditation I was able to come around to see that the perceived security of not putting myself on the line was actually the catastrophic risk of stagnation. Security in this instance was death for me, which was worse than the risk of bearing my soul. I had to completely let go of worrying what others thought, in order to share the most seminal experience of my life in my book and launch my wellness brand. My thinking shifted from: “Some people will think I’m crazy,” to embodying the deeper truth that: “We are all brothers and sisters on this earth, so the best way to teach is to share my humanness and my divinity, equally, authentically.” My recipe for success has been first, find inspiration–your passion! It’s great to find tools that cultivate your passion through quotes, songs, poetry, and being part of a community of like-minded individuals. Inspiration is a great aspect of emotion and is a powerful motivator to put things “in motion”. Stoking the fires of inspiration is a great method of helping you to risk stepping into the unknown, which is the entrepreneurial journey. The following is another example of where changing one’s “mind set,” as mentioned in Einstein’s quote, can be imperative to help a budding entrepreneur embrace risk. Can you change your fear of an unknown outcome of a new venture into excitement for the adventure of exploration into the unknown? That is a mental shift I have experienced and continue to be confronted with in exploring consciousness and expanding my business. I often give myself the licence to conjure up the fantasy of the explorer filled with curiosity and longing for adventure, and that helps me settle in to enjoy the ride into the unknown. Imagination can’t be underestimated at times like these. Humour has been for me a lifeboat in regards to not falling into the golden cage of worrying about my image, how I’m perceived as a spiritual teacher. So, basically, my archetype is Robin Williams, as Indiana Jones, in a spiritual quest. I’d see that movie and I’m living that life! Someone that is willing to take the risk, but always has humour to fall back on when things go awry since life is unpredictable, messy–best to always see it from a humorous perspective. It may sound simple, and perhaps you’ve heard it a thousand times, but often we find ourselves in a rut, or unable to move forward; that’s when taking Einstein’s insightful quote to heart becomes a call to action. Sometimes we have to learn to see things, including ourselves, from a different perspective, in order to find our inspiration, reach deeply, and find the guts to take risks. That’s where the spiritual inner work begins. That’s where you buy my book! Ha! Joking aside, I encourage everyone to find a meditation, a teacher, a path, a process that speaks to you and shakes you into a new way of looking at things and helps clear the mental slate when needed. Meditation can be a non-denominational practice and can be an adjunct to any spiritual faith. It can be boiled down to the art of breathing! Breathing affects the nervous system which allows you greater expanded states of mental awareness and brings shifts in consciousness. Also, a great teacher can speed up the process of opening to a new consciousness. The great teachers in my life have literally created shifts in my energy that then opened up a new perspective instantaneously. These teachers are called energy catalysts and the experience with one will teach you about a whole new way of looking at the world as energy. They are rare. If you know one, let me know! I’m always on the hunt. I’ll end with a quote I came up while writing this article… “Perception is the path to creating a new reality. It is the perception that comes from a higher state of awareness of who you are in the mystery of life.” I wish you wholeness in mind, body, and soul. Suraya Erikkson.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
I’ve had a diverse background in arts, media, and health. I’ve grown from being a professional ballet dancer to launching a New Age music label, to writing scripts for Oscar-winning producers. Through it all I was always deeply devoted to my spiritual practice. Now is the time in which all my past experience in art and business coalesce into launching myself as an author and an entrepreneur for my different inventions. What sets me apart from many is the diversity of my experience and how I manage to bring my eclectic background together to work for me in all aspects. It has given me a wealth of knowledge to pull from. I would say to others following their dreams not to be afraid to try different careers, as you never know how all one’s interest and experience will pool together to launch you on a new, unique path of your own. I’m in the development process of a new business model which I can’t speak about currently, but be on the lookout for things to come in that arena. I’ll keep you posted!!

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
I happen to live in one of the best towns in Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades. It’s my hometown, so I have true affection for the place where I reside. I’ve traveled the world and always love coming back to my home base. I live in the hills 3 minutes from the beach, so giving friends the California experience is easy. I’d start by taking visitors on one of the hikes I love near me, with beautiful views of the city and coast, or amongst the trees on the path that connects Pacific Palisades to Topanga Canyon. My boyfriend swims at the beach almost every morning and does a bit of yoga on the beach, so I’d send visitors to the beach with him, if they’d be in the mood. I love to eat! Nobu in Malibu is a must for sushi and the view! Across the street from Nobu, on a terrace, is my friend’s hip new lounge called “The Rafi Lounge.” It’s actually a private club that combines spiritual events, social gatherings, dancing, ping pong, alcoholic beverages, fresh juices and smoothies, and interesting people! It has a view of the ocean too! Two restaurants that I love are Italian. One is called Forma in Santa Monica and the other is Georgio Baldi’s in the Pacific Palisades. I love our local health food restaurant in the Palisades called Cafe Vida. The owner, Marcello is a friend. , I love the Getty Villa Museum in Malibu and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. I also would take my guests to watch me play a game of horse polo up at my polo club, Fair Hill Farms, in Topanga, or at Will Rogers State Park. I’m an amateur polo player, but I like to show off my daring side. Crazy sport, but it does it for me! If they had time for a quick trip out of town, I would take guests to the Sequoia National Park, which is three hours away: The most magical forest trees on earth!!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Great question! I always say no man is an island and I have so much gratitude to many who have showed invaluable support in my life. My mother, Edna, has been never ending support in all aspects of my life. She’s also my best friend. Everyone loves my mama! Also, my first spiritual teacher that came into my life when I was thirteen, John Buksbazen. He opened a world of wonder and set me on the most amazing inner quest of my life that continues to this day. His presence was transformative and his teachings gave me a grounded foundation for living a heart centered life. He taught me to move in the world with a sense of wholeness and dare seek answers to the great questions surrounding our existence.

Website: www.godandtheevolvutionoforgasm.com
Instagram: suraya1360

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