Never give up.  It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right?  We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying

Sophie Pegrum | Documentary Film Director & Cinematographer

If you are passionate about the film you are making and it truly has merit, you always keep going. Sometimes you may stop a project and pick it up years later. Or see it as a stepping stone to some other wonderful story that you want to tell. As a documentary filmmaker, and an artist there really is no such thing as giving up. Life has a multitude of paths. In terms of finding grants and funding, or being accepted to film festivals or finding distribution for a film, I get so many rejections on a daily basis that giving up is just not viable. I have to accept that rejection is simply another signpost to remind me to keep going! Sometimes, giving up an idea simply means a better one is waiting in the ether. Read more>>

Elevn St James | Founder

This thought has definitely crossed my mind several times, should I just give up and quit or keeping fighting, then I pick up my phone and or turn on the tv and see another person of color having their joy and or life been destroyed by systems of oppression I get the strength and conviction to keep going! Read more>>

Wilson Ramirez | Actor

You want to see the outcome. Whats on the other side of the door once I cross it? I am talking about a balance in your life and the distractions and difficulties that come with moving forward. There is days you want to quit and days you will double up for the days you wanted to quit. It is all a journey. You look back and you see the path you made and say “No matter what, I endured and succeeded. Read more>>

Eve Wood | Artist, Writer & Educator

I think it’s easy, especially now given the climate of fear we are accustomed to within this country, to feel despondent and hopeless, but I have always felt that the desire to create anything, whether it be a poem, a drawing, a garden, a good meal or a peaceful march against injustice — these are the things that keep us alive and current with the world. There is always more to learn and new ways to grow, and I think of the weed extending its slender body up from the pavement. Nature is not defeatist and we are sprung from nature, therefore we have a responsibility to her and to ourselves. Read more>>