Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Amelia Trumble | Co-founder

Retold Recycling is the convenient and sustainable mail-in service for recycling any and all unwanted clothing and household textiles, responsibly diverting waste from landfill. We aim to build a community of like-minded customers with a collective mantra and vision: #NoLandfill. To date, we have successfully recycled and diverted 20 tons of textile waste from landfill, and counting! Read more>>

Greg Lang | Lifestyle Design Coach

My business is focused on coaching individuals one on one and the goal is to empower them to live in their truth, to embody their purpose and to be as holistically healthy and joyful as they can be. As they heal and evolve and grow, that energy expands and effects those around them, creating a reverberation and a ripple effect that can raise the consciousness of anyone and everyone in their field. Read more>>

Jessica :ee | Woman-Owned, AAPI Owned, Small Business Owner

The community Litto Howler has created is something we’re most proud about as small business owners. You see, our customers first came for the high quality dog leashes we offer, but at the end of the day, they stayed because of the community. Our small but might community, #LittoFam, is a group of like-minded dog owners who work together to make changes in the dog community. Read more>>

Laolu Olasimbo | Innovator, Makeup Artist, & Health Care Strategist

My Atlanta-based makeup artistry brand, Laolu, is where beauty meets health. Laolu is a nickname derived from the full Yoruba name of “Olaoluwa”. In the context that my parents named me, it is defined as “the grace of God”. Everything in my brand from the makeup style and studio aesthetic to the way I operate my business works together to represent grace. Personal wellbeing also contributes to the essence of grace, which means protecting and improving one’s health in all aspects. Read more>>

Joshua R. Lamont | The Spiritual Actor, The Thoughtful Fundraiser, The Joyful Teaching Artist

I am an arts advocate. I really believe that art can help change the world. Because of this, I support artists and the role Arts and Culture plays in everyday life. It’s important that when we look at the Arts and Culture sector, we not only see its value in providing entertainment, but also its role in promoting healthy systems. As we have learned from Julia Cameron’s book, THE ARTIST’S WAY, creativity is inherent to our DNA. We are going to be creative as humans. We can’t help it. Read more>>

Drew Miles | Founder & Curator Of SimpleWednesday

SimpleWednesday is a safe haven curated with comfort and this is our musical journey through self expression. We are a passionate collective that focuses on the community and the connection of people with all backgrounds, who speak the universal love language of music. This collective invites all to enter as their authentic selves to freely share their experiences with music and art. We provide an opportunity for people to explore the daily impact of music by illuminating and building on the inspiration we desire. Read more>>

Afimaye Galarraga | a.k.a. Spiritual Doctor AFI”. Spiritual Life Coach”

It’s no brainer the fact that what we call “life” is forever changing. The issue is, regardless of whether or not we are ready for such change(s), life does not stop to accommodate us. Ancestral and Spiritual Healing is not just my business. It is my walk of life. I have chosen to honor the calling because I naturally care for humankind and I also know that much of what people feel tormented by in their life, they lack support and understanding in. My line of work, as an Ancestral Healer and a Spiritual Life Coach, offers the community clear guidance in understanding where is it they are falling short, the why behind it, and how to fix it. Read more>>

Ashwini Rao | Co-Founder & CEO

Today, the age-old question of “who am I?” has largely become “who am I on social media?” Social media identity is critical for businesses, creators and influencers. However, 1 in 8 have been impersonated on social media and impersonation scams are doubling every year. Current solutions for protecting our social media identity are at best haphazard and broken. Read more>>

Nadia Alvarez | Marriage and Family Therapist | NELA Therapy Owner | CSUF Psychology Faculty

This is a big question that I had to sit with for a bit to consider. NELA Therapy is a small practice based in Highland Park and we committed to meeting people where they are and honoring the intersectional identities that they hold. We create space for people who often feel misheard or overlooked. Our client base is filled with community organizers, creatives, young workers. We are committed to social justice and practice from an anti-oppressive and anti-racist approach. Read more>>

Keyin Lou | Composer, Educator, Innovator

I consider myself a multi-faceted musician. To sum it up I now have three running businesses. The first is my main role: composer. It can be said that in this job, I am both my employee and boss. As an “employee”, I have to complete commissioned work, including concert music, commercials, film scores, etc. As a “boss”, I will think about how to make my music more valuable and influential while completing the work – in terms of artistry, commercial value, and social influence. Read more>>