Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Sarah Nelson | Artist + Illustrator

My work as an illustrator and fine artist is centered on the natural world. Habitats, flora, fauna, ecology – the interconnectivity of living things and our planet never ceases to inspire me! My career started as a fine artist illustrating endangered wildlife and ecological data. This work continues but has also evolved into something more collaborative! I have begun to use these skills to illustrate for clients! One of my favorite ways that this work has engaged communities is my partnership with the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota and their Sustainable Communities Partnership. Read more>>

Christy Hobart | Founder and CEO of Shoo for Good

My business is all about community, local and further afield. I started Shoo for Good, which makes mosquito-repellent cotton scarves and wraps, to solve a problem and do good in the world. My family and I love to entertain friends in our Santa Monica garden, but that joy was being taken away by a tiny, little pest. Thanks to climate change and a new invasive species, mosquitoes have changed the way we spend time outdoors.   Read more>>

Ayesha Walker | Co-Founder & CEO

BE-IMAGINATIVE is an academy award-winning collective of exceptional artists, powerful healers and impactful community leaders who are dedicated to healing the immense grief of our Black, Indigenous and Brown communities through multidimensional storytelling. BE-IMAGINATIVE is a living, breathing process and prayer, an affirmation and a call to action for us to recreate the stories and the destinies of our people by way of the imagination. Read more>>

Jordan JorWish” | Law Student & Lifestyle Influencer”

My YouTube channel shows other young Black girls that it is totally possible to live your life and pursue a legal career. My channel candidly documents my life and journey, providing my audience with honest advice and information. Because less than 3% of lawyers are Black women, I want to use my platform to encourage more young women to join the profession to fill in the gaps and create a better future for the upcoming generation. Read more>>

Tatev Oganyan | Founding Attorney & CEO of The Oganyan Agency

Community is at the heart of our practice. We are involved in at least one community event or pro bono project each month, primarily focused on human rights, education, women, or veterans. Most recently, we announced the launch of our pop-up café series — OG Garden Café. Our café series amplifies socially responsible brands to bring high caliber art and entertainment to our community. Read more>>

MonyChann McCarty | Non-Profit Founder & Mental Health Advocate

Unorthodox Therapy Inc.’s mission is to aid women seeking mental health support that is accessible, affordable, non-clinical, and unorthodox. We partner with local women-owned businesses already offering services, workshops, etc in their communities that support women’s mental health by modeling our four pillars of foundation. In turn, we support local women-owned businesses by not discounting the work they do but also by introducing different forms of therapy that can be just as effective if not more. Because we understand that healing looks different for everyone. Read more>>

Velvet Lattimore | Boutique Owner & Accessories Curator

When a creative makes money, it empowers a community to grow economically. My ecommerce platform provides financial opportunities for emerging designers to receive sales while building a customer base through Vedazzling Accessories. Vedazzling connects designers with an extensive customer list and event space for yearly pop ups . In 2018 Vedazzling Accessories partnered with Hetrick Martin Institute (HMI) to hire and mentor LGBTQ teens after the internship with Vedazzling ends and place teens in other paid employment. Read more>>

Sky Paley | Artist at Large

We believe the community of Los Angeles deserves theater of the highest quality that is both accessible and FREE. We are committed to extending ourselves and our resources to the people and places with which theater has lost touch. Our mission is to present accessible theater that reflects the vibrant, diverse world in which we live. Great theater is for everyone. Not just those who can afford it. And with the economy the way it is, the best, most practical solution was to make it free. Space is at a premium. Read more>>