We asked some of the best parents we know to tell us about the most important thing they’ve done as parents and have shared their wisdom below.

Julia Hewitt | Mom, Gluten Free Baker, Event Producer and Wife

Wow, this is such a powerful question, there are so many levels to unfold as my parenting has changed and morphed over the years based upon the ever changing fabric of circumstances that has shaped me into the person I am today. When my children were little I spent so much time worrying about getting it right: sterilizing the bottles, agonizing over breastfeeding, joining mommy groups and music classes. I did everything and anything that could be viewed as stimulating and worthwhile. I seriously, even read to my son on the night I brought him home from the hospital. Read more>>

Rashmi Schramm | Board certified family physician, certified coach and meditation teacher

I’m a mom of two teenage daughters. The single most important thing I’ve done as a parent in terms of impact on my kids is making the decision to care for my whole self – mentally, physically and emotionally. I’ve made it a priority to create balance and harmony for myself and for others. I no longer accept past conditioning of toxic productivity at the cost of mental and emotional wellbeing, especially as a physician, coach and mom. Read more>>

Ira Jones | High end retail sneaker’s

Being a business owner has allowed me to be able to balance out my time with my children and business. It was understanding that if I wanted to build and empire for my kids and be there for them at the same time I needed to work on balance which has made my life so much more valuable with my kids. I am able to make my daily sales goal pick my kids up from school and keep my business running while spending time with them. My kids will see how to be successful in what you but not focus only on one thing which is money because you will miss some of the best things life have to offer. Read more>>