To persevere or to pivot is a question that do-ers have been asking themselves since the beginning of time. It’s never a straight road when you are doing something new, blazing a trail, breaking a ceiling, or pushing boundaries, so it’s only natural to wonder whether to give up midway. How do you know whether to keep going or to give up?

Sara Jean Kelley | Singer/Songwriter

Honestly, I have given up many times in my life. Given up, quit, moved on, moved around, come back, redirected, and everything in between. I’ve spent time with regret and anger in these places for not ‘sticking to it’ or ‘persisting at all costs.’ But now I see that by giving up when I needed to, I gave myself the space and time to really understand what I want and who I am. I think the ‘at all costs’ mentality lends itself to some serious costs. Sometimes giving up in necessary to gain some perspective: we tend to get so wrapped up in the task at hand that we forget why we’re doing it or whether or not we even love it. Through all of that I learned that the most important thing you can offer yourself is grace. Read more>>

Chris Burger | Emcee, Griot, Educator

Above my desk I have a plaque that says “Never, Never, Never Give Up!” My Dad passed in 2019 and this was passed to me from him. I feel We honor those who have sacrificed so that we could have whatever opportunities we enjoy by never giving up. Now there are times to step back and reassess. I think that is one of Sun Tzu’s quotes. Pressing too hard in a direction that is less than fruitful is not the lick. Identifying these moments is part of knowing oneself. Life is music and music is a reflection of living. All that I am and work towards being is told through my lyrics. For me there are a couple ways to approach the Art. Read more>>

Lily Drew | Screenwriter

I think when it comes to your dream… you can’t ever give up. Because that feeling will always be there. And I’m the type of person that can’t bail out of something if I really have it in my head. Call me stubborn, but I will refuse to take no for an answer. I’m a screenwriter and in my industry, getting even close to selling a movie or a TV show requires endless free work, proving oneself, grit, and one hell of a fire under your butt. So yeah, have I thought about giving up or questioned whether it’s been worth it? Hell yeah. A lot of days, when I’m free writing or editing a script after 15 rounds of notes. For sure, I think whether it’s worth it or not when I’m managing that, while occasionally a side hustle to support me between project. But the fact of the matter, is that I will never give it up, because that little voice in my head won’t ever let me. Read more>>

Bung gelo Mojisola | Country Dove, Visual Artist, Singer-Songwriter

A trail of unforeseen affirmations which have followed me.. urging me in certain directs has always served as omens for me to continue forward. Even so, there are moments of uncertainty and days where you just don’t believe in yourself. Days where you’re battling projections of self-limitation from the outside and inwardly as well. So many people are struggling in this same way, quietly thinking that others don’t have those moments. I think that’s largely what fuels me to keep going in a way. The desire to connect and showcase that similarity with others. The artist and people who wear their humanity on their sleeves inspire me. And it comes instinctually to keep moving in order to pay it forward through any medium that speaks to me or through little things that even I don’t always see as significant. Those things later prove to be meaningful and when you get that reflection, message, or those signs that it is then you want to see everything through that best way you know how. It gives my life purpose. Read more>>