Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Domenico Emanuele Matania | Cultural Manager & Musician

Success for me is making other people successful, seeing them smile and giving them instruments to realize themselves. Personal and economic gratification of my team is a success for me. Read more>> 

Faith Stalzer | Performer and Actor

I define success by being able to do what I love with the people I love. I do not take for granted that I am in a position to inspire those around me as well as be inspired. I love that I get the opportunity to put a smile on people’s faces and can sometimes even brighten their day. Read more>>

Sam Zagnit | Double Bassist, Composer, Improviser and Educator

I think the definition of success changes and continues to constantly change, for me. Right now, it’s making sure I’m creating art in an authentic, honest, way. In a month or so, it might be polishing orchestral excerpts for an audition. Maybe what I’m trying to get at is— whatever I find myself doing, I try to put my whole self into it. If at the end of the day I did my absolute best, and I’m still breathing, I know in someway I succeeded, no matter what result I ended up with. These days I’m trying to appreciate the journey. Read more>>