The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Saskia Martindale | Set Designer & Art Director

When I first started working I made sure I was always available – feeling grateful to be asked and not minding not having a life. There is some level of expectation within the industry that to get anywhere you work hard and to work hard you don’t have time off. Once I’d done a few years of that it became so much more apparent that in order to make the best stuff you NEED time out so my work life balance has become way more even. There’s still busy periods of course but I make myself take time off, give myself evenings and weekends and try to not become a slave to working. Read more>>

Joe Suzuki | Artist, Sign Painter, Designer

Balance is key. It’s easy to get burnt out working on a day-to-day basis. There’s so much you can do to clear your mind and stay happy threw the day, such as surf, bike, skate, and enjoy time with friends. Doing those things refreshes my mind to get a better start to the end of the day. Resulting in a better day of work or post-work. Growing up surfing from a young age has also thought me routine. You wake up at the crack of dawn to try and get good waves. The same principle follows with work, if you have a bad start that usually follows with a bad day. Biking the studio also helps me get inspired by taking new routes and seeing things from a different perspective good or bad. Read more>>

Kristeen LaBrot-Widmyer | Wedding Planner & Event Designer

Absolutely! I used to work every single day at all hours. I had no set boundaries around the times that I met with clients. About 7 years ago, I set weekday office hours and started offering 2 days a months for weekend meetings. That simple change really helped my mindset where I didn’t feel so burned out. Read more>>

Kelsey Delane Troup | Yoga Therapist & Full Spectrum Doula

The way I invest time & energy into my business is ever-evolving based. With each of my pregnancies & immediate postpartum periods, I’ve scaled back on my client load so I could conserve energy for my own physical & emotional healing. Another huge factor is how much help I have access to during different seasons. Read more>>

ASH D. | Footwear Designer, Fashion Show Producer & DJ

Work-life balance has definitely been a defining and critical factor lately in my career/life. From mid-college (2017) to most recently, I wasn’t able to effectively identify a balance. Honing into the organization of my responsibilities and day-to-day agenda have actually played the biggest turning point into realizing I needed a balance. Growing and finally finding myself in my own freedom of life has showed me that I can’t both manage and be the creator so I’ve made it an essence to curate a balance. I am improving, day by day, brick to brick. Read more>>

Hyoung Kim | Classical Pianist, Teacher, Festival Manager and Registrar

This is the one of my main issues that I am struggling with now. Most classical musicians after their education start with gigs and part time jobs nowadays because it’s difficult and competitive to get a full time opportunity in the market. It is a better strategy to be flexible in order to be able to work in the area we could explore. I got my doctorate of musical arts, emphasis on piano performance and literature from Eastman School of Music. Read more>>

Tori M. Briggs | Mixed-Media Artist & Photographer

When I first began placing more intention towards creating art and my business, I believed that the art of hustling was the only way to go. I didn’t have anyone truly giving me concrete advice on how to stay disciplined except for the one fact that I needed to work nonstop until I have that moment to “shine” in a sense. Read more>>

Chantell Carrtherol | Wig Maker & Curly Hairstylist

Balance is essential in every aspect of life, including business, especially if you’re going to be successful. In the first couple of years, I prioritized pouring everything I had into my company, thinking it would help me reach success faster, and I was mistaken. I neglected my needs, which caused me to burn out and lose my passion. Read more>>

Rachel Yussim | Medical Aesthetic Nurse and Educator

When I first graduated I worked hard. I paid off all my loans, I paid for my apartment in San Francisco and I paid for amazing trips around the world. I worked for about 12 years in the emergency room and 2 years recovering patients after surgery. Read more>>

Kai Boyer | Personal Trainer & Entrepreneur

Finding a Work life balance is an important element in every person’s life but especially as an entrepreneur it is crucial to the success and longevity of your business. As an entrepreneur you have to know what tasks to take on and accomplish yourself and what tasks to designate or outsource. Read more>>