To pivot or to persevere? Or more bluntly – to give up or to not to give up? This is a haunting question, a question that has ramifications far after an answer has been chosen and it’s also a question that almost everyone in our community has had to face at one time or another. How do you know when to give up and when to keep trying?

alyxxmariee | Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Yoga Instructor, Business Owner, Author

I feel like this is a big one right here. What I have learned, is to listen to my body. Our bodies are the hub of our intelligence. Our brains are what make everything fuzzy and confusing for us. Tapping into this type of open communication with my body has been built stronger over time. When you start to listen, the answer to this question becomes more and more clear. When I know that something is meant for me and to keep going, is when I can feel it in my body, heart, and soul. The level of oneness I feel energetically is what tells me to keep going, and I can feel almost an energy surge pulsate. Read more>>

Ninel Simonian | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

There is no giving up. If you decide to try something, you need to give it your all. You don’t want to look back and wonder how things would turn up if you had kept on going. I consider it a success, as long as you try your best regardless of the results. I strongly believe you never know how capable you are, unless you push yourself and try as much as you can, as many times as it takes. Read more>>

mtp408 | Music Producer/Artist/Songwriter/Engineer

I know I should keep going when I have people depending on me to be successful. My true core; my supporters, my fans, and my family are all counting on me. It’s very motivational to keep going when I know I have a lot of support. Of course, as an artist, I do tend to feel like giving up, but I know deep down inside that’s not the best choice. I have to keep going; I don’t ever want to give up what I love to do. I have a lot to contribute to the world. Read more>>

Jessica Tee | Educator and Philanthropist

The line is so thin, but if you’re in alignment, it becomes clear. Of course there are obstacles when it comes to starting and running your own business. But, if you can NEVER catch a break and/or always seem to miss opportunity, you may not be in purpose and I don’t want to say you should give up, but you should definitely take time to think and likely course correct. Read more>>