We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey.  We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Dahlia | Vintage Style & Beauty Content Creator

I think the most important factor behind the success of my brand is remembering to stay true to who I am and not be afraid to be different. I share vintage style and beauty content and there are many other talented content creators that do the same. When I first started, for a while I felt like I had to put myself in a box. Was I a pin-up girl, or did I fit the 1950s prim and proper aesthetic? Read more>>

Anna Doyle | Tarot Artist and Fashion Designer

Tarot! That’s how it all started. I was living in China as an expat hoping to travel Asia and find myself. I found the depths of loneliness and challenges like never in my life before. After getting married as a very young woman at 22, and divorcing 23, I really thought everything else in my life was going to be easy. I moved to China at 25 years old and I that’s when I really started struggling with my mental health. I was lonely, I had no therapy outlet, I hated being alone while suffered with intense social anxiety. Read more>>

Audrey Collins | The girl next door making music and only sometimes taking no for an answer.

I do not believe there is just one singular factor that can be attributed to success in something. It really is as an array of actions and qualities in a person that will lead to successes big and small. In regards to my process so far, I have found success when I “do it anyway” regardless of insecurities, lack of motivation, not being confident of the outcome, or quite honestly believing what I do will even make a difference. The “do it anyway” mentality builds confidence in your self and confidence in others that may want to support you or be apart of your team. I believe 95% of the time you have nothing to lose. Read more>>

Brad Aarons | COO of Anti Gravity & President of Talent Management

The most important factor behind our success are the creatives who drive the art. As a Talent Manager and Co-Owner of a music publishing company named Anti Gravity, our business starts and stops with the talent we represent. As I move across my career, I’ve grown to be comfortable being a conduit of the vision crafted by those who dream, discover and create. Driving opportunity is part of how we help the roster evolve but once the content is delivered, I use my expertise & relationships in the field to help realize the vision on behalf of those I represent. Read more>>

Jamie (Jay) neale | Director / Choreographer / Creative / Entrepreneur

I am very lucky and also have been extremely persistent in my interests throughout my life. Of course, some may say luck, others may say “you make your own luck.” However, I truly believe it’s a mixture of putting yourself in the right spaces to increase your chances of “luck,” and then combining it with sheer hard work and perseverance. I would say my training didn’t teach me skills but more so how to think. A mindset. Read more>>

Lindsay Sears-McDonald | Your Local Cinnamon Bun Dealer

The most important factor behind our brand is originality. We tried to take something we love so much that other people were so familiar with and combine it with baking. Hip Hop to us is life. It raised us. It groomed us into the adults we are today. It got us thru some of the most difficult times and some of the most joyous. Read more>>

Martine Ilana | Sustainable Designer & Entrepreneur

Authenticity. I have made a formal commitment to my design work, business, and sustainability education, to be empowered with valid and accurate technical information, on how to approach new design problems and creative projects. Read more>>

Sarah & Tim Hudson | Owners – Hudson Spider

As filmmakers, we are the end users of our own products. We are inventing and designing products that we like to use, resisting the urge to follow fads but focussing on what is important to us. Then we hope that others like it too, So far, it’s a recipe for success. We are also very particular, so we go to the extremes to perfect what we have. Read more>>

Sam Guyton | Musician & Entrepreneur

Showing up. You/We might not always have the answers but if we show up and ask questions, make an effort and show the team that you are always willing to go to “bat” your odd of winning increases dramatically. I constantly try to show up in every relationship in my life whether it’s personal or business. Read more>>

Néhel | Music Producer

Honestly.. I feel like I’m still working on my brand lol. I just feel like being consistent is the most important thing right now. Just trying to constantly come up and create new sounds as much as I can. Read more>>

Inna Kamenskaya | CEO

Nexa Events is a full-service event production company located in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA. For the past 3 years we grew significantly and focused on high-profile private events. This rapid success happened for a reason: we bring greatness for every event we take on and exceed expectations. Our fuel is creating happy emotions that you get during the event. We take your vision and transform it into a high-end, storytelling experience. Read more>>

Sarah Hinesley | Pianist & Music Director

The most important factor in growing my career as a musician would be engaging my curiosity. Whether that’d be trying new things, asking questions, talking with people who’ve created success in their fields, etc. These things have helped me figure out what aspects of music I want to continue developing as well as finding what my strengths are. Read more>>

Nicolas Sisto | Bass Music Producer & DJ

Anytime I’ve struggled in my life, I’ve fallen back to root philosophy that gives you perspective on not only your current situation but your courage to continue down difficult paths. “If you’re not scared of your dreams, they’re not big enough” is something I’ve lived by since the beginning of this project and it has kept my mental state and motivation on a relatively stable path. Read more>>