We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community.  We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Chrystene Newman | Restoration Biologist & Environmentalist

In 2017, while studying to get my Bachelors of Science in Ecology and Environmental Biology, I suddenly had an ‘AHA!’ moment. I looked at the plastic water bottle I was drinking from and realized that I was contributing to the environmental issues I was learning about in class. I saw, in that one water bottle, the impact that we as individuals, as communities, and as civilizations have on our planet. Leafveins became my tool for changing the world; it’s the space where I talk about environmentalism, creative living, and personal sustainability. I believe we should all see ourselves as stewards of the planet. We all rely on the same clean air, water, and resources to live healthy and happy lives. The impacts of the current climate crisis are becoming more and more apparent with increased rates of wildfires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, blizzards, heat waves, and other anthropogenic disasters. Read more>>

Annie Wonder | Vocal Coach & Experimental Musician

Music and sound are universal and can be incredible forms of expression & creativity. It is such a honor to be able to communicate and help people through the power of music. Everyone has their own unique and special relationship with sound and it is a lifelong journey that can be cultivated. Music can help us express all kinds of different emotions and feelings. Sound can fill space, provide comfort and be there for us at our best & at our worst. The voice is truly a special instrument because it resonates inside of our bodies – we can sing and dance with just our voices! My goal is always to help people feel empowered creatively and to experiment with their voices in a safe space that feels gentle. The breath is the focus. Read more>>

Steven Blom | Co-founder

One of the founding principles of our company is to connect people to one another. During COIVID-19 we saw the challenging situation for the transportation industry where many drivers from the rideshare, healthcare and taxi industry did not feel safe driving around with patients and passengers. Drivers felt unsure about taking the wheel due to COVID-19 and this meant that rideshare, taxi, and healthcare fleets were running at reduced capacity and couldn’t provide the services that they once did. Likewise, passengers also experienced uncertainty when it came to getting an Uber, Lyft, or cab. Read more>>

Stephanie Leah | Eco-Spiritual Practitioner

It is my belief that we can solve the world’s problems in a garden. I build gardens. I build gardens for people that desire a connection to the natural world. In the garden, you will come face to face with adversity, failures, successes, hardship, and grace. It is a place to discover parts of us that have been hidden or need attention. Those parts of us that are grounded in our humanity. It’s that human call to cultivate and harvest. I support my clients in cultivating those parts and harvesting the inner peace that comes from being in a garden, especially a garden of our making. A garden is a place of gathering. Can you ever walk by a garden and not slow down? What about a garden that has cucumbers, tomatoes, and strawberries or huge watermelons and purple eggplant flowers that are buzzing with worker bees? A garden is a place of allowing; giving us permission to notice. Read more>>

Heidi Moreno | Illustrator & Author

Cats and animals in general have always been something that I deeply care for. Growing up around cats in my home really enhanced that love for them early on in my childhood. So naturally I enjoy illustrating these curious creatures as magicians, bakers or ordinary house cats in my work. A few months ago a community cat in my neighborhood showed up to my house and we started feeding him and named him Charko. I learned about the importance of TNR (trap/neuter/return) and decided to help Charko. By using a humane trap, you trap the cat, neuter/spay, vaccinate, ear-tip (universal sign that a cat has gone through the process of TNR) and later return the cat back to its neighborhood after it has recovered from surgery. I recently completed my first TNR successfully and couldn’t be happier! Read more>>