We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Christian Davis | Co-Founder & Program Manager

From inception, Flavors From Afar has had the goal of helping both the world as well as the communities that the business is connected to. As an extension of the Tiyya foundation, an organization that helps refugees, asylum seekers, and displaced Americans re-assimilate into the country; Flavors From Afar provides work, a source of income, for those in need. With refugees from Somalia, Egypt, Eritrea, Syria and several other countries, Flavors highlights a new menu each month with recipes provided by those who immigrated here and gives them a percentage of the proceeds earned. Since I’ve been with Flavors, I’ve had an emphasis on community over competition, especially during this pandemic. Restaurants are closing and people are losing jobs consistently so collaboration has been essential. Read more>>

Maureen Deering-Davis | Yoga Therapist C-IAYT1000, Yoga Teacher E-RYT500, YACEP & Life Coach

I began my business back in 2005 as a Yoga Therapist/Yoga Teacher to help those with injuries and chronic pain get their life back. From that point teaching and building my private practice, I have given hope to those who have lost it. I believe through the ethics of Yoga, that when we do yoga that energy affects us to be more positive by practicing mindfulness, but then our families and communities receive that benefit also. If you believe that energy attracts like mindedness then it has a ripple effect. Read more>>

Michael Westerband | Founder

We believe in reciprocity – without the community and the world we wouldn’t be anywhere, so it’s our duty to give back! At Timelaspe Co., giving back has been a part of our company’s core values from the very beginning, and we’ve tried to integrate aspects of our values into all areas of the business, from how we operate to the materials we use in our products. The foundation of our business revolves around a type of up-cycling, and we’re very proud of that fact. For instance, our watch movement-based designs which we really became known for have always revolved around utilizing seemingly unwanted, used movements which we take and repurpose to give them a second life instead of trashing the environment. Read more>>

Roger Mason | Writer & Performer

I am a Black, Filipinx, plus-sized, genderqueer writer and performer. My work amplifies, celebrates, and emboldens the lived experience of folx who are rendered invisible by the dominant culture. Through my plays, tv/film writings, and podcast/public thought leadership, I show the richness and majesty of the BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, plus-sized experience while simultaneously serving as a possibility model for whose who look, sound, and love like me. Read more>>

Eugene Chan | CEO

One of the missions for Crew Apparel is to create a sustainable uniform from recycled fabrics, leave less co2 emission and make a positive change to how people think of uniform. Crew Apparel is a pioneer in designing and making uniform from technical fabrics. We believe technology will improve our lives and that is not limited to tech giants around the world. People who wear uniform day in and day out, such as chefs, medical workers and construction workers, are the real game-changers. We want to make them feel better at work, and at the same time, using fabrics that are socially responsible. Crew Apparel invests a lot of time and energy in developing fabrics that are made from recycled polyester, cotton or even water bottle. Read more>>

David Pu’u | Cinematographer, Photographer, Writer & Project Development Specialist

It connects people to the Earth and it’s systems by communication of the intelligence ,complexity and beauty of creation using motion picture, still photography and literature. When people are connected to all that is they tend to experience a sense of well being and understanding. They act with greater care for the planet and all that ride her through space and time together. In process I have seen it build Community and facilitate a higher emotional intelligence as love and beauty seem to be siblings. One nurtures the other. Read more>>

Nathalie Tierce | Nathalie Tierce Artist, Designer, Color Consultant & Visual Storyteller

My work as an artist and designer is twofold. The work I do as a visual storyteller/artist is about making a scary world beautiful by creating visual allegories. The work I do as a color consultant is about making someone’s home (their personal world) more gratifying. In both these ways, I hope to empower people with a sense of joy about life. Read more>>

Gavin Masumiya | Flow & Mindset Coach

FlowFam is about creating a sense of family amidst strangers, breaking down the barriers of color, class, age and other divisive labels to the inclusive human family. This is achieved through flow, the sharing of extemporaneous authentic self-expression partnered with the emotive power of music. In this sacred space, group flow is achieved – where judgment fades away and there is a rapt attention to the present moment. It is a magical experience. Initially starting off as an in-person experience for LA locals, through the blessing of the pandemic, FlowFam has been rebranded (from Flowmasters) into a virtual experience that has reached people across 10 countries so far including Ireland, Poland, Australia, Japan, Korea and Manipur. Many people wonder, how does simply talking to music transform people’s lives? Come and see for yourself. “I will tell you this, this has been life changing. Read more>>

Kenzo Le | Founder

We wanted Crimson Edge to be more than just a film production company that is cranking out music videos, commercials, and for-hire work en masse. Having our founding members come from diverse backgrounds and rise up from grassroot immigrant families, we understand the power and responsibilities we have as artists in this industry to make a difference. Our impact goal and path is much different from those who have it the easy way in. There are so many underrepresented voices and communities that aren’t featured enough, like the LatinX, Asian-American, LGBT, and Black communities. We constantly push to bring these voices to the surface through the content we create. “Sin Reino” for example, was a modern fairytale short film told through the perspective of a young girl, using real people (non-actors) of genuine backgrounds. Read more>>