We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Meghan Gilboa | Founder

Our big focus is on sustainability. Our big innovation is our Facialworks on Tap refill stations which allow clients to refill their empty retail bottles. Combined with glass packaging, we are thrilled to report that our clients could theoretically reduce their lifetime plastic waste from skincare packaging by 99% (assuming they only used Facialworks and did refills). We think this is a huge accomplishment which can have a positive impact both locally and worldwide. Read more>>

Tymera Finley | Author, Owner & CEO

Here at House Of Mera, we not only make all women feel incredibly gorgeous, beyond fearless, and extremely confident through our clothing, handbags, fragrances, shoes, and accessories. But we’re very big on giving back to our community and those that are less fortunate. As well as sponsoring and hosting our yearly traditional “Goddess Community Park Day” event. Read more>>

Mark Chaudhary | Photographer & Film Maker

Most of the kinds of photography I do involves searching for, crafting, and capturing the beauty and joy in human relationships. And if you think about it, at the end of the day these aspects of our lives are what we aspire to, and what we cherish. Read more>>

Farida Amar | Creative Director

SOVO// Projects is an independent art collective. We prioritize building trust with our contributing artists and supporting their personal development. We provide resources and materials they need to create and facilitate collaboration throughout the creative production process. SOVO// Projects specializes in experimental analog arts — film photography, films on film, writing, performance art, graphic illustration, typography, printmaking — and offer opportunities for this kind of work to be published, exhibited and appreciated by the public. The Arts is an industry that is not led by the artist; therefore artists learn early on to put their guard up because they are told they are no good, they are wasting their time, that it’s not worth the effort, or even worse, lied to and taken advantage of. Read more>>

Olivia Lin | Brush Letterer

Every item in my shop or workshop seat is paired up with a non-profit–with every purchase, a portion of proceeds is donated to that specific organization. There are 4 main causes my business and customers support: providing meals for children at The Ebongalethu Educare Center Preschool and Nursery in Motherwell, South Africa, providing vegan friendly meals to folks in need in the US through ChilisOnWheels,org, funding microloans for mom and dad entrepreneurs through Kiva.org, and helping homeless dogs and cats through The Lange Foundation. I try to match products that fit each category, for example: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards help mom and dad businesses through the microloans and the “dog hair don’t care” t-shirts support the animal rescue. To date over 140,000 meals have been provided and 118 loans in over 36 countries have been funded! Read more>>