We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

R.J. Ugolik | Golf Professional

Learning self-discipline I think was the beginning of my success. For a while, I was terrible at it. Zero will power whatsoever. Then I heard someone say that controlling what you put into your body is the first step to disciplining yourself. That was the end of eating Oreo’s by the sleeve. Once you start thinking about how certain actions benefit your well-being as a whole, your universe becomes a zero-sum game. Either you are adding to or subtracting from your cause. Is what you are doing making you better or worse? Start working out? Probably a good idea. Considering cutting out booze every night? Another good idea. Building momentum one good decision after another. Read more>>

Pamela Waitt | Curator of Delicious Experiences + President of the OC Restaurant Association, Inc.

I think the top 5 habits that helped me succeed would be, resilience, self-care, time management, focus and passion. It is a fulfilling journey to achieve your goals, but you must be prepared for failure and bumps along the way. Many of my failures have taught me as much as my successes. I practice self-care, by getting enough sleep, exercise and being present in my personal life. Those self-care practices help power what I need to succeed and in my case that includes accomplishing a lot each day. I don’t think I could accomplish what I do without laser focus and obsessive time management. Read more>>

Jelitsa Legarreta | Beauty Brand Founder

Without a doubt, this has been the habit of reminding myself that success is defined by me and me alone. Understanding this has been vital in helping me understand that in order to live a life that was intentional and true, I needed to be able to identify what truly set my heart on fire and unapologetically work towards it! Although this is a thought I apply in all parts of my life, this is particularly true for journey as an entrepreneur. Read more>>

Jason Decker | Filmmaker & Revolutionary

The number one habit that I’ve stuck to my entire life is to always – and I mean always – look at every situation from the other side… or the five other sides… or from underneath and slightly to the left. I learned early on that we as humans tend to get stuck in our own perspectives, seeing life through just one lens, which oftentimes locks us in a limiting box of our own creation. By constantly forcing ourselves to try out viewpoints that don’t feel natural or comfortable, over time we start to break free from our programming and become better able to improve our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Deciding that I don’t agree with another person’s viewpoint is easy. Working to understand why they hold that viewpoint gives me a much better insight into what societal forces got them there, and how I, as an artist, can interact with those forces to influence change through my work. Read more>>