We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Kit Wilson | Film Maker

It’s important to embrace discipline and time management to complete creative efforts. With a goal in mind, schedule time to employ your creative work to evolve each day. You might sit in front of a blank page, but don’t force results, just write. The edit comes later. Don’t wait for inspiration – you’ll put off time necessary to get anything done. Listen to music, look at art, watch a movie – get on a creative path. I was raised a military brat, so I learned, at an early age, take the focus necessary to complete a task, and dedicate a schedule to accomplish it. Read more>>

Natalis | Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Getting into the habit of self care has really helped me thrive. I learned a lot about setting boundaries, creating routines that improved my overall wellness, I let go of toxic people, places and things that were not in alignment with the vision I had for my life after really thinking about what I want. This created the space for healing to take place, for creativity to flow and the opportunity for me to attract what is meant for me. Read more>>

Gregory Allison | Violinist & Composer

Discipline and practice. I grew up playing classical piano and violin, activities that require a lot of time and dedication. Learning music through this method showed me how practicing something for 2-8 hours a day will produce results. In some ways, it felt like the only way to get the results I wanted. Becoming a really good pupil. By being a student of everything, I am becoming a better teacher for myself and others. Read more>>

Miguel Angel Caballero | Writer, Director, Producer

As a creator/writer/storyteller, oftentimes I found it was an obstacle to find creativity. I felt that I had to take trips and chase creativity around. When I made a space for creativity and made time, on a schedule, that is when creativity started coming to me without me having to chase it. I set myself up on a rigorous schedule of early rising, meditation, and creative work. Once this schedule was ingrained in my body, I saw the results flow. My body was open to receiving and knew exactly when creativity was going to flow. I truly believe developing habits that are productive for what we want to do is the key to momentum for accomplishing our work. Read more>>

Jamilah Michelle | Dancer & Creative Artist

I always start my days with a quiet moment alone- 30 minutes. I pray and give thanks to God, connect and welcome goodness & release all that I can not control . I feel like this has been so vital to my success this far. But most importantly gratitude! Read more>>

Lauren Sinner | Multidisciplinary Artist

I’m not the kind of person who does well doing the same thing over and over again every day. I would much rather prefer balancing a variety of smaller jobs and projects that I can bounce between, so things can stay fun and interesting. While sometimes this causes the amount of money I make to fluctuate, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Right now, I own my time and how I want to spend it. This has allowed for me to work when I feel like being busy (and making money), while other times taking a bit of time off to take care of myself. It’s also opened up the ability to travel for temporary jobs, artist residencies, and more. I think one of the key skills that has allowed me to do this with my life is the fact that I’m very organized and am able to balance multiple projects and jobs at once. Read more>>