There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Omar Cook | Actor, Filmmaker, & Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success is my sense of purpose. I have had many different career opportunities spanning from professional football, collegiate football coaching, and working in the entertainment industry and each job I approach with the same mentality; how can I inspire and motivate the world? I never want my success to be just about me, but more about impacting the lives of others. Read more>>

Carlos Vasquez | Founder CEO of How to Battle

The most important factors behind my success and the success of my brand is that I know what I ultimately want to accomplish (clarity), I have codified a personal mission and vision (accountability) and I am passionate about what I do (purpose). These key areas keep me on track and focused daily. Read more>>

Sarah Louise Rector | Fitness expert & podcast host

Consistency as a trainer and showing up for clients regularly are key factors. When my subscribers / workout class members / PT clients do my workouts it’s like they are working out with their friend, and not a boot camp Sargent! I’m trainer that want’s their workouts to be fun and enjoyable and not have clients dread doing their workout! My brand represents fun fitness. Read more>>

Jose Kercado Jr. | Streetwear Designer & Brand Executive

Other than authenticity and transparency, I’d say that the simple act of caring has allowed Wise Mind to succeed in the way that it has, because it provides connection with our consumers. Caring about the customer is extremely important to me. From providing a great quality product to following up with a customer if they tag us on social media. Read more>>

Lex Hobson | Comic & Story Artist

It may sound cliche, but I think the most important factor behind success is to have a great support network. I was very lucky to find a group of friends in college that were, and still are, encouraging and inspiring beyond belief. Read more>>

Ziyan Lee | Co- Founder of LI Restaurant and Provisions Cafe

One value I truly believe in and strive to practice is perseverance. To me, it is about finding and driving your own motivation to make your business work. Why is the word perseverance important? This word can be related to many parts of my business/brand. From operational standards, marketing, and building my team. Read more>>

Kathryn Johann | Event Planner & Owner | Parties By The Sea

I am extremely passionate about planning an event that other people can benefit from attending. I find other talented and successful people in Southern California and I love to design a gorgeous environment that everyone that attends can create new connections at. I make sure that the food, flowers, lighting, music, every detail of the party is perfect for my guests and clients. My network can benefit from creating new friendships, business opportunities of potential dating partners. The possibilities are endless! Read more>>

Stacy Matulis | Somatic and Archetypal Healing

My brand is a no business plan model. And I believe that’s why it’s been so successful. It naturally grew through offering what was my most true offering at each stage of my development as a human. I became a healing ally through turning towards my own pain and trauma. Read more>>

Justace DeVine | Creative Director

The most important factor behind the success of my brand would be the collaboration between the creatives. Each individual talent contributes to bringing the shoot to life.. You have your muse or model, makeup artist , photographer, hair stylist , and wardrobe stylist or designer ; One talent can’t shine without the other to make the shoot complete. With one common end goal of creating visual art, success is born for all involved. Read more>>

Scott & Brian Marshall-Miller | Fashion and Jewelry Stylist/Co-Owner and Medical Professional/Co-Owner

Success for us is showing up every day with the best balance of who we are as individuals and as a couple. For us, it’s literally in our name, Restrained Whimsy. Creating and maintaining the perfect balance of fun, laughter, and possibilities, in coordination with grounding, reflection, and pivoting. And since we opened at the end of October 2019 … we would be doing lots of pivoting and laughing to survive the pandemic. Which we did. Read more>>

Anica Mcinnis | Entrepreneur & producer

The most important factor behind my success is passion, always come from the heart. When you let your passion drive your cause it can only multiply your blessings. If you don’t get the results you desire right away, you learned a valuable lesson no start from where you are. Read more>>

Janette Chhuon-Chan | Cake Artist & Business Owner

I think the most important factor behind my success is my passion, uniqueness and determination. I am so passionate about my business that I put so much hard work in perfecting details and go the extra mile to create edible masterpieces for people’s celebrations. Another factor is how I enjoy creating different designs and styles with my cakes and treats. Read more>>

Megan Diana McGeorge | Founder and Director of Piano. Push. Play.

I learned to never let one persons no – get me discouraged – or stop me from finding someone else who would say yes – there plenty of dream locations and artists I wanted to work with in the beginning that either couldn’t work with me at the time – or weren’t willing to take a chance on something they hadn’t tried before -I didn’t let that stop me from finding a great alternative but to also not let it stop me from gently asking again the next summer or the next – eventually everyone saw what I building and said YES – Read more>>

Ric Sexton | Professional Saxophonist

The most important factor behind my success is understanding the market/business that I am in. When I first started my career as an entertainer, I often found myself worried if I would be good enough. Then I started to realize that it’s a fanbase just for me, I just have to find it and build off of it. Read more>>

Ngan Thieu | Nganstop Snacker & CEO

Although there are still so much more I wish to accomplish, I believe the success of Nganstop Snackshop so far has been due to the consistency of our product and our interactions. Consistency in always providing our clients with high quality products and service. Making sure that your first interaction with our product is as exciting as the next. Read more>>