A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Missing-Nin | Producer, Artist, Designer

Music and design are my preferred mediums for artistic expression and I draw as much inspiration from prominent figures in the field as I do from everyday people and activity. My mom was a music aficionado and she introduced me to music ranging from Shania Twain to Onyeka Onwenu and everything in between. Through my own exploration I discovered the work of genre bending artists like Kanye West and JUNGLE and have drawn inspiration from them as well for my music. In contrast to drawing from these elite creators however, I have had full song ideas sparked by the sound of a garbage truck backing up. Read more>>

Jeehan Quijano | Author

Stories of redemption, survival, and resilience inspire me. Also, kindness. Once I was walking home and stopped by a fruit stand to buy fruits. I grabbed my wallet to pay and only then realized that I did not have any cash. I apologized to the fruit vendor, a lovely Hispanic lady, and she said that it was fine, that I didn’t have to pay. “Regalo,” she said. It means gift. And just like that, she gave me the fruits. And I was moved by her kindness. Things that move me inspire me. Writers are essentially storytellers. I want to write stories about us, about what’s beautiful and sad, about where we failed and succeeded, about what we want, what we are afraid of, stories that uplift us a little. Read more>>

Soyana Pigniagt | Actor

What inspires me is my surroundings. I love to take in what is around me and try to find something new and beautiful about it and learn about it in some way, in order to incorporate it into my work. Becoming more observant has helped me bring my work to another level. Read more>>