Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Aly Zepeda | CEO Fuego’s Taco Shack

7 years ago I worked for a company .. a corporate company .. I went in did the same thing for years and one day I was in the parking telling myself “ Is this really what I want to do for the rest of my life??” I want to be my own boss! I’m tired of working for somebody !! That’s when I went home told my husband we need a career change and that’s how Fuego’s was invented!!! Read more>>

Jackie Summers | Writer, Distiller, Advocate

In 2012 I had a cancer scare. My doctor found a tumor inside my spine the size of a golf ball. I was informed I had a 95% chance of death, and a 50% chance of paralysis if I lived, but as the tumor was already in my lymphatic system, if it was malignant, I had less than six months to live, I was advised to “get my affairs in order..” Read more>>

Jasaan Dabney | Realtor | Stock & Options Trader

For me it came down to this being the easiest way to help family and friends better understand how the stock market and how real estate markets actually work. Finances in general. from 2020 up until January of this year, the market (both real estate and the rock market) were on auto pilot. Read more>>

Nita Marquez | Former Professional Athlete and Designer/Owner of OnTheMarq Jumpsuit

When I first started OnTheMarq Jumpsuit, I was a single mother with three small children. I’d just retired from my athletic career, and I knew absolutely nothing about the fashion industry. I simply knew that I had a mission to create an item of clothing that made women feel beautiful and powerful. To date, I can say with pride that this is absolutely what the OnTheMarq Jumpsuit does for every woman, and I LOVE doing what I do! Read more>>

Wikhe Foong | Polymer Clay Artist

Time. Time is scarce. While we cannot turn back time or do anything about how fast time flies, we could still control how we use it. I wanted to spend my time wisely and not waste another minute in the corporate world to help others achieve their goals, which wasn’t relevant to my goals. Read more>>

Etan G | Founder & Exec. Director and always The Jewish Rapper

I’ve seen firsthand the amazing things music can do. I’ve witnessed it’s magic and power. Yet, I’ve always felt it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I noticed many musicians had a view, an opinion, a perspective, on an issue I cared about, that was skewed primarily based on media, social or otherwise. Read more>>

Melissa McGill | Disney + Travel Planning Expert

The thought process behind starting my own business is actually rooted in disappointment. After taking our first family trip to Disney World in October 2016 I came home frustrated and disappointed because even though I thought I had planned effectively I never rode my favorite ride, The Haunted Mansion. Read more>>

Saar Ahuvia & Stephanie Ho | Concert pianists

We were spending summers in Portland, OR with family and enjoying the great outdoors. Friends in the music community were urging us to start something that would feature local musicians and new cutting edge music. We thought it would be fun to try running our own event and that is how Makrokosmos Project was born. Read more>>

John Anthony | Restaurateur, Operating Partner, and Fortunate Human

I have always been stung by the “be-your-own-boss” bug. My father was an independent soul, and when he wasn’t on the road as a jazz drummer, he was starting and operating his own businesses. Read more>>

Shaquille Cooper | Speech Language Pathologist

Since my undergraduate studies, I have actively talked about opening my own practice, however; I didn’t know what direction I wanted to take until graduate school. In graduate school I was an intern at a bilingual clinic catered to multicultural families and I feel in love with the idea of inclusion and service. Read more>>

 Jonathan Grossman | Mixer, composer, post audio producer

My goal was to have a business where I could make my own hours and work from home. It was very important to be a father and husband who is both physically and emotionally present for my family. When I started Night Shift Audio in 2010, my career was a crossroads. Read more>>

Farah Saint-Jean | Wedding Planner and Designer, Owner

I wanted to design and plan weddings after planning my own wedding. It was such an exhilarating and rewarding experience for me that I didn’t want it to end. I am very organized and detailed and love all things beautiful! Carine is a social butterfly, everyone loves her, and she has great style. It was a no brainer . I asked my sister Carine to join me on this journey as “Spectacular Affairs” and we’ve never looked back since. Read more>>

Lawrencia Blount | Owner, Designer of Lawrencia Bridal Couture & Unveiled The Bridal Label

Launching my own bridal brand was always the plan. The pandemic created a pause in my life for me to reflect on what I really wanted to do and get back to the plan. During this time, my mentors, industry peers, and closest family & friends were all encouraging me to go for it…”I think it’s time that you open your own shop and start your own brand” is what they were saying. This was my moment of truth, and I knew that it was the right time for me to start my business. Read more>>

Alexa Seibert | Jewelry Designer

I started From Isla in 2014 because I wanted to help save the ocean, I just didn’t have the means to do so. My thought was, if I made beautiful pieces, it would give me the opportunity to donate to an amazing cause, while also educating people on the importance of saving our seas! Read more>>

Luciana Inés Castro | Publicist – Creative Copywriter

My thought process start when I decided to leave my job in office (advertising agency) and I had to start my own way as a Creative Copywriter Freelance. If I can split my process in steps, these could be: 1) Let everyone know about my new way of work as a freelance (ex bosses, teammates, using linkedin, instagram, behance) 2) Create a Instagram account where I can share with the world my content, works, portfolio. 3) Learn about finance and time management. Read more>>

Leah Gilbertson | Makeup/Hair Artist & Team leader/manager

When I started my business I loved the idea of being in control of my schedule. To take off when I needed, to be flexible for my friends and family. As i’ve grown older, I am so happy that I can work my day around my son’s school schedule. Furthermore, I love that I can work anywhere. I can take a ‘lunch’ break and go tend to my garden. I can still travel between bookings and manage the admin whenever I am. While there is still a ton of work to do, it’s so nice to be your own boss! Read more>>

Sebastien Courty | Textile Artist

As an artist, I like to reflect, work, and create according to my own instinct and own rules. Becoming self-employed and a business owner made sense for the choice I was going to be able to make, the freedom I’ll have to control my lifestyle and schedule, and of course the ability to follow my passion. Read more>>

Lulu Carey | Owner of SweetLove NJ

SweetLove started 2 years ago in the middle of the pandemic, when I finally decided to put everything that was in my mind into something tangible. I have always been creative and even though I didn’t have a business plan I had the time so I started working on building my small business, and I did it. Read more>>

John Edel | Actor

I was attracted to the idea of being a freelance actor, thereby effectively a small business owner, that being my own brand. I love the idea of being able to “be my own boss’ in terms of doing a good job of doing ongoing training as an actor to build upon my craft, as well as preparing for and executing unique and creative auditions. Read more>>

Courtney LaChance | Co-Founder of Leisure of NYC

We started Leisure of NYC to solve the issue of airlines losing so many bags. Being avid travelers – we lost our bags quite a few times and we came up with the idea for hotels to sell t-shirts directly in the room. We wanted comfy clothes that made us feel at home wherever we were. Read more>>