We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Dara Kay Barker | Interior Designer & Artist | Attorney & Professor

“A jack of all trades is a master at none” is one of those pieces of conventional wisdom that has plagued me for years…I am one of those people who is interested and curious about lots of different disciplines…from law to pedagogy to art…but I always felt like a dabbler even if I took the discipline seriously because I knew I’d move on to another interest and dive in there for a brief period. I was always envious of those people who became “experts” at their passion. But at some point a few years ago, I realized that my excitement and interest in lots of different areas is really it’s own blessing. It’s fun to get pretty competent at lots of things. I think my constitution is such that I’d be bored with only being an expert at one thing…so I resolved to just keep trying new things. It’s ok to have varied interests! Read more>>

Anthony Pratt | Anthony “Ape” Pratt | Founder & Senior Partner

A piece of conventional advice that I would have to disagree with is–“Traditional education is everything.” I believe that others should obtain an education, but I would disagree that it is the “be all” when it relates to starting a business. I went to college, earned my degrees, and there are no regrets on my part. However, a bulk of what I have learned stemmed from trial and error over the years. I’ve never been afraid to fail. Will Smith made the most profound statement in a video on Facebook that resonated with me. He said, “If you aren’t failing–then you aren’t trying.” So I kept trying. Read more>>

Dan Mendilow | Personal Magnetism Coach for High-Performing Business Owners

Our society teaches us to “make” things happen in our lives. To “make” business show up, to “get” the sale, to “get that person to go out with you.” The focus is on pushing, forcing, and controlling to get what you want. And sure, it can lead you to making short-term success, but it’s also the reason so many people are burnt-out, physically unwell, and emotionally rock-bottomed, while STILL feeling unsatisfied with their careers, relationships, and quality of life. Read more>>