We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Bella Joy | Singer, Song-writer, producer

I wrote “Only You” during the pandemic when I was living in Barcelona. The curfew there was pretty tough, we could only leave the apartment to go to the closest grocery store or to the closest drugstore, if necessary. Read more>>

Anaiya Kymahni aka MUCCHATI | Model & Artist

I’m inspired by life ! Everything around me. My peers, my experiences, the world when I step outside. We can learn something new everyday ! Read more>>

Mayra Gaona | School Psychologist & Content Creator

I am inspired by my parents and my community. I am inspired by the many people with a background like mine who persevere, fight to achieve their dreams, and defy the narratives that society has created of us. I am inspired by those who despite having people tell them they can or can’t pursue a certain dream due to their background or identity, do it anyway. Read more>>

Teacup Miller | Hairstylist & Co-owner of Mermaid Cult

I’m mostly inspired by Anime, I’m a huge otaku/weeb! But I also find inspiration in lots of things, sometimes it’s a boba tea drink, or an LA sunset, other times it’s a photo of a bird a client brings me. Read more>>

caaaaseyyyy | Artist & Audio Engineer

Crowded rooms brought together by the celebration of common interest. I find myself most inspired when I am emotionally moved in an unexpected way and this usually comes from being in a crowd of people sharing a moment together whether that’s in a movie theatre, at a concert, or in a cafe. Read more>>

Michelle Hockett | Associate Marketing Director

I’m inspired by all of the amazing black creators and executives that are around me, especially black women! I’ve listened to so many podcasts and read articles about our people who are leveling up, Read more>>

Jordy Martin | Comedy Writer & Performer

I’m inspired by art that truly makes me feel whatever it intended to. And my favorite art gives me the feeling of joy and laughter, I strive to make art that can give that to others. Read more>>

Jocelyn Pizarro | Vegan Enthusiast

All the women who have in some way shaped by business. I’ve gotten where I am because of them. The intention I put into my juices and food are solely for them. These creative goddesses who order week after week do not play about me. Read more>>

Lisa Harris | Lisa Harris :Free-lance Writer , Aesthetician, photographer.

Beauty. Hands down anything that appeals to my eye, my touch, all my senses, really. Anything beautiful. Whether it’s a painting, a piece of clothing, a part of literature, a photograph, Read more>>

Sirintip Phasuk | Multi-modal Artist and Composer

I’m currently working on releasing my forthcoming album “Carbon” which is based on the causes and effects of climate change. For each of the thirteen tracks on the album, I’ve found ways to bring awareness to each topic by translating data into pitches, sampling plastic trash and more. Read more>>

Salvador Hernandez | Photographer

More so than anything I’m inspired by the subjects I take photos of. The city of Los Angeles inspires me. I love to be outside walking around and taking in the environment I surround myself in Being around my friends and family inspires me as well. I want to try and document them as much as possible. It’s important to hold onto the memories of the people you love and care about. Read more>>