One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Hongbin Xu | Keyboard Player, Songwriter & Producer

My inspiration comes from things in my life, such as people, art, experiences, and places. Whenever a random memory flashes back in my head during the creative process, I will respond to it in my music. The outcome always turns into something very personal and important to me. Read more>>

Rini | Singer, Composer & Violinist

I am really inspired by global music and the possibility of blending Indian music with different musical ideas. I am always looking for cool artists to collaborate with. I am also very inspired by all the musicians I work with and their stories . It’s amazing to hear how they got started and what motivates them to do what they are doing. Read more>>


I am inspired by living life to its full potential so my most important inspiration is time. I spend time on what means the most to me because time it is the only thing we can’t get back and we never know when time will run out. While I have the time to do it all I take full advantage. I prioritize my bringing happiness to people, starting with the ones closest to me. My family and friends, I am inspired to make my mother proud, and to show my nieces and nephews there are several paths to success. Read more>>

Karen & Bill Drastal | Co-Founders of Chubby Beagle Productions

We’re both inspired by other artists. We love hearing their stories, seeing their work, and discovering what motivates them. Our favorite thing about attending conventions is checking out artist alley and talking to the artists there. They inspire us with their enthusiasm and blow us away with their creativity. Finding new projects to follow and talking to the artists is so fun. Talking to such imaginative, unique, passionate people reconnects us with why we want to be in this fantastic industry. We leave feeling more excited than ever to create and make things. Read more>>