One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Malena Lloyd | Writer, Producer, & Business Owner

When it comes to writing and producing, my inspiration comes from what I don’t understand. I’m always curious about the “why” of people and their actions, so combining that with writing what I do know can really bring out an interesting story. I’d say everything I write is very character-driven. I’m 28 and knowing how many times I’ve changed and grown over the years, there’s an endless possibility for storytelling. The funny thing is that everyone has struggles – everyone! The difficult part is learning how someone evolves from those struggles and figuring out what story to tell and how to tell it. Long story short – I’m inspired by people! Read more>>

Yasmin Davis | Visual Artist

I am inspired by the world around me and its various elements, including nature and the differences among other people. Read more>>

Jon & Jane Yu | Founders, DJ & Wedding and Event Producer

There are a variety of ways I stay inspired, personally and professionally, organically and deliberately. I am inspired by… – My peers and role models who channel their positive energy in to their work – My husband’s motivation and discipline – Witnessing moments of love and compassion, in different types of settings – The potential of my dreams and goals Jon: I get most of my inspiration from personal growth books, music, dope DJs, and people who got to the top of their game through grit and hard-work. There are many incredible people out there who have achieved mastery but the ones who inspire me the most are using their acquired skills as utility to genuinely help others on their path to success. Read more>>

Gianbattista Vinzoni | Executive Chef

I’m inspired by all the Chefs I’ve worked with during my career. The passion that I have experienced in different ways and now is in me. I want to put on the plate everything they taught me. I’m also inspired by food as to create something that you will never forget. Read more>>

Miki Rose | Artist & Songwriter

LIFE. Read more>>

Karen Lukesh | Writer, Director & Actor

I’m inspired by people, specifically the human condition and how we behave to achieve the lives we want. It’s pretty wild to sit back and observe us! People are everyday walking stories. For better or for worse, the choices we make based on perspectives we have against challenges we face is what I find absolutely stunning. Two people born into the same journey scenario can have polar opposite outcomes, and two people who have the same outcome can arrive there through polar opposite journey scenarios. Choices, amiright? Collectively, I think people are a beautiful mess that I find myself always wanting to fully understand, hence my love of storytelling. Read more>>

Lorelle Miller | Visual Artist – Street painter, Plein Air, Figurative, Still Life painter & Teaching Artist

Nature and painting from life. Also personal emotions and experiences that well up from my inner world and need to be expressed in some manner. Read more>>