We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Archana Aneja | Art Design Fashion

“Break your Boundaries and Let Life Flow!” – Archana Aneja We often forget to pursue our dreams as we find ourselves simply following the norms and
imprisoned within various perceived social, cultural, and prejudicial expectations. We need to break these boundaries so that we can maximize our potential and realize our own dreams. Read more>>

Matias Barang | Founder

I want my legacy to be my entrepreneurial journey–the successes, hardships, and failures. The journey of starting small and growing with a grassroots approach. The journey of 18 hour days and a “keep going” attitude, and the unparalleled joy of sharing your passion with people who appreciate it. The journey of building a business where real people connect to you and your product, and who build the most important community of support. Read more>>

Elizabeth Williams | Health and Wellness Coach and Nutritionist

Juicee Joy’s is my legacy. I want people to remember me by the impact I’ve made by helping improve the quality of peoples lives Read more>>

Jose A Diaz | Optician

When we are young, we never think on a grand scale what our life would mean or how much our life would touch others’ lives. It is with age that this begins to gain some attention. When I began my career, I was focused on making a better life for myself, in hopes of a better outcome. Now, I am a seasoned individual that has dedicated his life to providing services to others so they can see better and enjoy what life has to offer. I have seen many persons smile and leave my business overjoyed in that they can see again. These are the moments that I enjoy the most. I hope that I am remembered as a man that was fair and cared for his customers. One that took the time to give them personal attention and customer satisfaction. Read more>>