We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Janine Kwoh | Greeting card company owner & designer

My greeting card and gift company, Kwohtations, acknowledges and celebrates the people and moments in life that aren’t always fully represented in the card aisle. For example, many of my cards have characters of different genders and skin colors, and I have cards about chosen families, mental wellness, grief and loss, and celebrating every day wins. Read more>>

Maja Trochimczyk | Poet & Music Historian

What a strange question! As if I were getting ready to die and actually have a “legacy” to leave at 64. But, in a way, I have been working on my legacy ever since I started publishing my poetry in 2007 and switched from writing about others, in music history books and peer-reviewed articles, to writing about myself, in my own poems. Once upon a time, I was struck by a line from Sappho quoted by Iannis Xenakis, the musical hero of my youth. Read more>>

Jasmine McTague | Educator, Advocate, Model, and Role- Model

My legacy… A woman who cared about people, obviously, but that gave back to the community and advocated for the world of education, and mental health, and wasn’t afraid to try something new. Everyone knows that when Jasmine wants to learn something she will do it and no one can stop her. When I have something in mind that I want to achieve, I will do it. I am an educator and I am an advocate. Read more>>

Mathew Alvarez | Podcast Host & Chicago Creative

I want people to remember the conversations & feel like they aren’t going through their problems alone. Sad Boy Radio was created when I felt like nobody could understand me. Music always helped calm that feeling down, and I felt it was important to highlight lyrics that connected to a specific situation. Read more>>

 Sofia Chang | Business Owner of Shleggwear

I want people to think about Shleggwear and feel empowered to dress as boldly as they wish! You can wear anything you want, and you can use fashion to have a lot of fun. I consider my pieces bold accessories for everyday wear- they’re comfortable and functional, but they make you stop and stare. Read more>>

Christian Mercado | Creative Director / Owner of Crias Created

I want my Legacy to Inspire anyone that was once told they could not achieve a certain goal in life. Read more>>