We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Vilda Ray | Artist & Producer

I want to be remembered as a woman who was unafraid to surrender to her art. Only a few people know how much I love to create and have seen my actual process. They’ve seen me celebrate, cry, and lose sleep for it, among other things. I hope they remember that that was extension of my true self. Someone who was as focused as she was curious. Read more>>

STARFIRE | Curator Of Energy & Creative Expression

STARFIRE’S LEGACY: I was authentic and true to who I AM in all iterations and evolutions. I embodied the uniqueness of my divine design, and embraced what it meant to be me, to live life on my terms, and to love completely as my myself. I revolutionized the way humanity connects and experiences live and virtual events through the unique power of my “curating of energy and creative expression” !OKAAAAY!! #HOSTWITHTHAMOST #HYPEMANOFHUMANITY I built a cultural economy of equity and empowerment for performers and creatives in America from the bountiful harvest of my wealth and influence. I made a way for performers and creators, especially black performers and creatives, to have authentic freedom of expression and to own the boldness of their unique gifts and talents. Read more>>

Josiah Yu | Film Director

I want people to remember me as just a normal guy who made something extraordinary out of the ordinary. Not to impress, but to be the example so that others may believe in themselves and their abilities as well. Read more>>

Elizabeth Regen | Animal Activist, Rescuer & Actor

“To know even one life has breathed easier because I lived…. this will be Success for me.” To kinda quote Emerson. I want my legacy to be that I worked tirelessly to make sure other beings were alright. As a creator, a writer, and an actor my mission has always been to create the stories others are afraid to share and work with them until we are brave enough together. As a rescue worker we fight to say the lives of the voiceless no matter what. I want to be remembered for my tenacity and my conviction – and my passion. Read more>>

Claudia Terrazas | Wedding and Event Planner

When I think about my life, I think about all the people that I have encountered and had the opportunity to get to know. Being a person who loves hosting people and making people feel welcomed. This has definitely come from so many amazing childhood memories and experiences. Coming from a Mexican- American background I love learning and seeing all the hospitable traditions. I have learned a lot from My grandmother, the family peacekeeper that loves to host Her love and hospitality cultivated with me forever.  Fast forward to the present, I would want my Legacy to be known as “ Hostess with the Mostest “ it is without a doubt that I want to make everyone I encounter in life to feel exceptional and give them a completely positive experience. I want people to remember me as someone they could naturally gravitate to. Read more>>