Getting to do what you love? Providing for your loved ones? What does success mean to you? Below you’ll find perspectives from some of the city’s best and brightest.

Matt Camargo | Director of Sport Performance

For some people they merely define success as just money or lots of things. Those are obviously not inherently bad but can sometimes lead individuals down a path of emptiness. I was taught that success is when you’re able to help others through your gifts and passions. During that journey the ability to not let life keep you down for long and rise above those troubling times is what I believe makes someone successful. It’s simple when everything is easy. In my opinion you can’t truly have success if you don’t have a little adversity in your life. Read more>>

Rachael Becker | Accessory Designer/ Brand Creator

I find success in moments of gratitude and connection. I find it when I appreciate beauty where I currently am, right now. When I am true to myself, and when I can give back. It’s not that when I can’t find it, I value myself as unsuccessful, but simply that I’m caught up. Caught in momentum, caught in desire, or frustration, or whatever is clouding my mind. I’ve reached markers of success, such as seeing my work on celebrities, buying a cool car, or working for myself. But these things don’t last; I’ve watched them come and go, I’ve watched my bank account rise and fall. Read more>>

Jen Healy | Where Science meets Spirituality & Technology Advances the Healing Arts

I define success as courageously following our soul’s purpose with passion and perseverance while overcoming the obstacles that keep us from living our whole-hearted honest truth. For me, success needs to be a harmonious blend of visible external rewards (like money, positive feedback, and popularity) with deep internal satisfaction (honoring myself, listening to my guidance, and always doing my best). Read more>>