We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Christian Beckley | Birth Photographer and Doula

I’m inspired by the women in my family who came before me and the women that I am birthing to come after me. I come from a long line of strong business women all successful. These women gave me the tools I needed to survive in this world by doing the things our family has always done and that’s take care of others. Read more>>

Irvin Liu | Director of Photography

I am inspired by my collaborators, my life experiences, and art across different mediums – film, photography, paintings, and music. Often during prep, my collaborators and I will research and reference art that has similar tones and/or visual styles that we are trying to achieve. Read more>>

Jorge Serrano | Salon Owner + Stylist

I get inspired every day when I walk into Just One Eye and see the clothes, the art, and the beauty of the space. I am inspired by the salon I created; a discrete, and hidden sanctuary where my clients can enjoy peace while getting their services done. I get inspiration from my talented staff and working alongside them. I am most inspired by the drive to take my business to the next level and the goals I can achieve in my creative field. Read more>>

Kestlyn Kingston | Author & Educator

I am a HUGE advocate for mental health. I have experienced and seen first hand the strength it takes to get up everyday and live when you feel like its the last thing you want to do. I get inspired by strength, resilience, and courage. I get inspired by people who fight and the ones that don’t. The people that are okay with not being okay. My inspiration comes from the feelings and thoughts that we have as we go through this thing called life. Read more>>