We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them.  Check out their responses below.

Rona Chang | Chief Textile Enthusiast

My bicultural background and experience growing up in Taiwan and New York City developed my openness to the cultural exchange of ideas. Likewise, during my extensive experience working in a museum environment, and working with and visiting many art collections developed my style at OTTO FINN, which emphasizes textiles with stories and bold prints. Read more>>

Irene Feleo | Multidisciplinary artist + Director

At the moment I am inspired by anything that plays with form, At the beginning of this year, I became obsessed with the visual concept of a ‘glitch’, and began experimenting on how I can bring this digital concept (that almost exclusively lives on screens and the virtual world) into a traditional analog process. Read more>>

Yarina Dai | Jewelry artist, designer

My inspiration comes from my exploration of nature and understanding of life. I have explored many abandoned places and dived to the bottom of the ocean. The robust growth of plants and the hope and life they brought to the empty space are what I want to convey in my work to record the coexistence of humans and nature. Read more>>

Hannah Bailey Nery | Actor, Singer & Poet

I recently published my first collection of poetry ‘Drawing Blood (or On My Mother’s Toes)’ – it was greatly inspired by a yearning to connect with my family and heritage from across the ocean. I am a Filipino-Australian living in New York City, and during a particularly alienating period of the pandemic I found solace and access to a sense of ‘home’ through writing. It meditates on the quotidian, finding small aspects of identity to grasp onto: FaceTiming my grandmother, drinking tea from a specific cup, cooking lumpia and adobo (Filipino favourites!).Read more>>

Coach Ella Destiny | International Speaker/Author/Life Coach

I’m inspired by people who have stories. People that have gone through some real stuff in life and are still here to talk about it, share it and help others through what they’ve experienced. I’m also inspired by people who purpose in their pain. Read more>>

 Julie Clark | Pianist, composer, singer/songwriter, and music streamer

I’ve found so much inspiration in the creative world around me! Ever since moving to California, I’ve been meeting a lot of other artists and creatives, and it’s impossible to not be inspired by their passion, training, performance, and art. There’s a very long list of friends I could name who have helped shape my journey in music, and I’m very grateful for the sense of community I’ve found here. Read more>>

Rosy Fu | Game technical artist

Disco Elysium. I love role-playing games, and this one is incredibly unique. The abstract art style they chose and how well they blend 3d with 2d is one of the best I’ve seen in years. Read more>>

Seddik Jelouane | Poet & Published author

This may come as a cliche, but I honestly find every single thing in life inspiring, whether it brings me joy or causes more pain. I try to teach myself how to embrace and grow with whatever feeling that is, then translate it into the language I am most comfortable using, which is poetry. However, if you read my poems you would notice that I get pulled back to my past more than the present or even future, so in that sense you could say aging has a big impact on my writing. Read more>>