We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Bridgette Bianca | Poet & Professor

As a poet and professor, I am inspired by the persistence of the people around me. I am inspired by my grandmother, a black single mother who raised her two children in South Central Los Angeles, miles away from her home after the Second Great Migration. I am inspired by my community college students, who tell me, “Miss, I’m not good at English” but sometimes ride buses for hours to get to my class (now, of course, they prop their cell phones up to Zoom while delivering food or working in a warehouse). I am inspired by my community as it fights to hold on to the little cultural capital we have while juggling low wages, high rent, and impending gentrification. I am inspired by my people, who have taken to the streets every night for the past couple of months to demand justice for our fallen. They all inform what I write and what I teach. I do this for them. Read more>>

Nam Ho | Owner & Creative Director

I am inspired by the lessons I’ve learned from my life. These are the messages I hope to pass on through my brand to help others. I am also inspired by people who perform at their highest potential and positively impact the people/world around them. Read more>>

Maju Cancella | Writer & Filmmaker

Emotions, in any shape or form, are my primary source of inspiration. As a writer and filmmaker, I have new ideas and concepts permeating my mind all the time, and they’re always triggered by a feeling, be it exhilaration, melancholy, fear, and so on. Writing is how I express and unscramble my feelings. In my creative process, it’s not uncommon for a script or a story idea to originate in the form of a standalone scene revolving around an emotion, to then evolve into a complete narrative. And I have always loved that about my creativity! I appreciate being introspective, it makes me awake, and my art comes from this abundant life within. Read more>>

Rebecca Hamm | Artist, Educator & Director of Arts Programs

I am inspired by the constant creative process in nature and humankind, often to the point of great distraction. Although my collections of studies and writings on creativity continue to grow, the best exploration comes from quietly observing nature and working in the studio. Each person has a uniquely creative voice and vision to express in this world. Creative producers lean heavily into experimentation and the development of processes toward allowing flow to happen. When asked for creative advice, I love sharing the old idea to learn all the rules so you can properly break them. I also love something Chris Darrow, artist and musician, told me years ago: “When you have a creative opportunity that intrigues you, say ‘Yes’, then figure out how to do it later.” Read more>>