We don’t believe success is random. Over the years we have spoken with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, researchers, athletes, and more. We’ve learned from them – both through their stories and through the advice they’ve shared with us – and it’s quite evident that success is more likely when certain habits are present. So, we decided to ask folks to share their habits with us, especially those that they feel helped them succeed.

WHILLY BERMUDEZ | Marketing Entreprenuer

Wake up very early in the morning! It’s all about being diligent, organized, and willing to work harder than the next person. You can take too many breaks or too many vacations- the work has to be quality and full. Read more>>

Meredith Steele | Painter

The work habit that has helped me most with my art is to just keep producing. Getting into the studio and putting in the work has helped me reach a level of success in several ways. Not only do I complete works, which is one level of success, but the creative process naturally unfolds over time during the act of painting. An inexplicable type of alchemy happens during the process of working in which I develop new ways to use the medium or approach the subject. I can’t overthink the process of making art; I simply have to get into the studio and put in the work. Read more>>

Santiago Amézquita | Music Composer for Film & TV

Setting a schedule and planning each day the night before is key. Setting a timer (usually 1 hour) while I am working on specific tasks helps me to stay focus and to enhance my productivity. Trying to do exercise at least 3 times a week and drinking a lot of water is fundamental as well. Read more>>