We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Jojo Alderson | Artist, designer and healer.

I am in my happy place when I create. When ideas are flowing and I get to execute them. But what really makes me happy is when I inspire people.
I love seeing my kids being inspired to create, problem solve and build. If what I do can inspire someone else to create, learn something new or to follow their dream. That makes me happy because then I have contributed to a happier world. If we were all a little happier then we would all be a little more appreciative of what we have. And take care of all the things that helps us live a happy life. Read more>>

jayati sinha | Experience Designer

I have recently realized that talking to people about their hopes and dreams and turning them into reality makes me very happy. I think I truly belong in the consulting world because I love hearing stories and experiences of people and help orgnizations. Read more>>

Julie Jackson | Photographer and Artist

Happiness radiates from me when I know my existence is making someone else’s life better or easier. It comes from wanting to know I’m needed. I think that’s why I enjoy photography so much because it allows me to spark emotion in other people. I have the ability to share with people exactly how it felt to be in a specific moment, and then the moment becomes eternal. It makes me happy when I’m editing photos, because I get to relive so many of my favorite moments. It makes me happy when someone chooses a photo I took of them to represent who they are, because that means they see themselves the same way I do. There are a lot of things that make me happy, but making other people happy is what does it the most. Read more>>