We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Domi Erikato | Artist

I don’t like to say I have given my life to art. I prefer to say art has given me my life. Frank Stella Several elements contribute to my sense of well-being and joy. Being receptive to what the natural world can offer, painting, drawing, my yoga practice, my dog Baci, family, music, color, and the animal kingdom, among others. Ultimately, I believe that true happiness can only come from within. New experiences feed my creativity and help me to see the world through different eyes. The discoveries that result from traveling to foreign lands, experiencing how different cultures live, and then sharing my experience with the world are all part of my process. As an artist, I feel that I have a responsibility to bring art into other people’s lives. As a result, I am fulfilled, encouraged, and inspired. Read more>>

Mark Sipka | Actor & Comedian

I absolutely love laughing and making people laugh. There is something so powerful about laughter that can unite a room full of strangers at a live show or an audience at a movie theater. It brings me so much joy to surprise people in a joke or take them for a ride on a funny story. I’m also a big fan of ice cream, oldies music, and funny dog videos on the internet. A healthy combo of those and I’m a happy guy. Read more>>

Megan Miller | Elementary Arts and Crafts Specialist & Nanny

As a visual artist, color is probably one of the things that makes me truly happy. I’m not a materialistic person so I know stating that color makes me happy seems pretty vague, but there’s a science behind why. I received a bachelors degree in psychology and was always really drawn to color therapy. Pablo Picasso said it best, “colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” That’s something that has really resonated with me as an artist since a primary amount of my work is based in color theory. I’ve learned that color is a powerful communication tool and can be used to influence mood and even psychological reactions. Color is something that is so personal and an individuals palette says so much about who they are as a person. When I’m unable to verbally express emotions, I turn to my paints and just start mixing colors-it’s healing in its own way. Read more>>