Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Amparo Barajas | Portraiture Photographer

One thing that makes me happy is to have the flexibility of choosing what I want to photograph each day. I love doing portraits of people. I like to take portraits in the most organic way possible. I think that makes people feel more comfortable and relaxed. When I feel I need a fresh start, I like to take road trips and do nature photography. It helps me clear my mind and melts the stress away. Read more>>

Talin Gureghian Hall | Founder & Creative Director

In a year almost completely defined by epic disaster — global pandemic, a fascist president, the highest recorded temperatures in history, the raging fires in California (and Australia), Black Lives Matter and the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, happiness has become a choice. The films I love are never sagas — they are about one a small thing, a few details. Nothing really happens in them, but everything does; everything changes. Pre-Covid, life resembled the movies I never liked. Too many plot twists, too much action, too many characters to keep up with. Today life is very much like the films I love, which makes me happy. Along with: • Good light • Designing & Creating • Bread proving in the sun • Peanut M&Ms • Good wine • Dappled sunlight on a pool and Mike Leigh films. Read more>>

Diane Kelber | Actress, Director & Producer

Creating makes me happy! I honestly believe we were created – to create. When I’m able to create something either as an actress or a director that helps people understand, feel, take steps, cry or laugh, I feel whole. Read more>>

Clifford Eberly | Artist & Curator

Creativity makes me happy because it is a gift and talent I possess that I can share with everyone. If my art inspires others to seek education, no matter what field, than I have achieved my purpose. Education is the remedy for societal ills. If we can make quality education available to all, our country will thrive. Read more>>