We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Christiana Lewis Ulwelling | Artist Activist & Love Spreader

What makes me happy ? and why? I chose this question because happiness-seeking has been my insane life’s quest since I was a tiny, displaced little tot. Now as a grown woman, I search more consciously for what makes me joyful and happy. In my past, my perception of happiness has been completely dependent on situations, attention from others, material things, accolades, monetary rewards, relationships and physical traits, taking me on a roller coaster ride. Happiness for me has evolved into an understanding that it comes from within and is not dependent on others. I have not mastered the “Art of Non Attachment” as of yet. My personal treasure box of joy includes quite a long list of passions: exploding laughter, deep connected love in my friendships and with my mate, travel, and meeting new people and learning their cultures. Read more>>

Danielle Villicana D’Annibale | Artist, Art Dealer & Collector

Running my art gallery and artists agency with my husband makes me happy. We absolutely love working with contemporary artists. We have been actively promoting contemporary art and culture since 2010 in Arezzo, Tuscany in Italy organizing exhibits and cultural events of Italian and American art. In 2016 we expanded and have been offering artist agency services in Los Angeles as well, This year is a special year for us as we are celebrating ten years of contemporary art. It started as a dream and quickly became a reality. We have organized 115 exhibits, coordinated numerous events and published over 50 artist catalogues and been What makes me happiest is working closely with our artists and helping them achieve their goals. Finding homes for their creations in private and public collections is our mission. Read more>>

Aubrey Ingmar Manson | Artist & Political Activist

Having time to just think. Because life just moves super quickly and busily. I feel like the quintessential artist who needs their time to think and ponder while making any creative decision. I also spend a lot of this time just pacing about. Speaking of pacing, I also take a lot of walks, the sense of moving and keeping myself on the go keeps my mood upbeat and my mind in a healthy place. Taking long walks has been the silver lining to not having much else to do during Covid, and my fiancé and I go out most everyday to do so. Read more>>

Wei-Li Sun | UC Admissions Expert & Rock Climber

I find a lot of joy in rock climbing outdoors. The physical and mental challenges associated with it are exhilarating. Every climb is a problem that needs to be puzzled out and requires a solution executed with my full physical and mental commitment. It’s a great way to constantly push myself to my limits. I find similar joy in my work. Every new student presents a different set of challenges that demands unique strategies and solutions, driving me to expand my expertise and improve my services. I also get to guide and encourage students to better understand and articulate their stories, enabling them to make a persuasive argument for their college worthiness. Read more>>