We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Jill Anenberg Lawrence | Board Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach & Speaker

I’ve always thought, gratitude is the yellow brick road to happiness. And comparison, is the cock block to joy! Finding the balance between the two in a human way, I’ll admit, can be tough. Realistically, there will always be people who have attained more “success”, or seem to have what accomplishments and goals I’m striving for. On the other hand, we never know what someone’s life is truly like behind closed doors, the hardships and struggles they go through and if they are, well- happy. In saying all that, I learned a long time ago from a meditation teacher, happiness lives in us…like right now! It’s not on the other side of something, or when we get or accomplish that big goal. Otherwise, being happy gives our power to an elusive entity. So, what makes me happy? Choosing to be happy. Read more>>

Abigail Roze | Fashion Stylist & Collector

My happy place is being outside in nature, but my happy flow is when I’m pouring my creative energy into a project. Both of these “happy outlets” keep me in the moment and I think that, besides having close family and friends, is the key to my happiness. Read more>>

Kait McKay | Photographer & PR Consultant

The people in my life make me happy. Personally and professionally, the relationships I have with my family, friends and clients of my photography business make me happy. During an unprecedented time when many of us were forced to halt our lives, an aspect that never halted was the relationships I cherish with so many. I have a photography business and while it was put on an unexpected hold, once it was safely appropriate to work again (with new protocols such as social distancing and wearing masks) the relationships I developed and fostered with clients over the years allowed me to pick right back up and continue my beloved work. For that, I am grateful. Read more>>

Dina Morrone | Playwright, Performer, Voice Over Artist & Model

The thing the makes me happy is to see the smiling faces of audience members and to hear their laughter when I am up on stage entertaining them and doing what I love to do. To make them laugh or move them with my words and performance puts a huge smile on my face, warms my heart, and reminds me that everything it took for me to get there was so worth it. Read more>>

Malachi Barnes | Photographer

What makes me happy is Creating. When I Create I’m Free. Read more>>