We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Rachael Rifkin | Personal Historian, Writer and occasional to sometimes Community Organizer

Connecting deeply with others and communities that take care of each other make me very happy. To me this is why we’re alive and how we should live. Things and people who manage to be both adorable and quirky-smart-funny are also pretty high up there on the list. Oh and my family, friends and assorted animals are pretty cool too. Read more>>

Derrel Anthony | Photographer

My family makes me happy. What I feel with my family is multidimensional and requires me being creative to explain to others. I can almost never fully explain the feeling of being complete, safe, composed, vulnerable, and creative other than with my photography. The ability to recreate some of those sentiments via photography allows me to produce the images I’ve imagined without the need to be vocal. This is especially since putting my thoughts and feelings into words can be challenging for me. I’m able to associate at least one of those feelings with my work. Read more>>

Earl Hopkins | Multimedia Journalist

I’m passion-driven. Whether personal or professional, I have to do something that aligns with my thoughts and desires. If not, then it’s a point of inner-contention and, despite how hard I try to mask it, it will show. I’m happy knowing I’m working towards something that’s beneficial to me and others within arms reach. While journalism isn’t the most lucrative career in the world, knowing I’m informing my community and inspiring other writers of color is huge for me. Read more>>