Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Viet Dang | Choreographer, Dancer, Actor, Artist

It’s the simple and natural things in life that makes me happy. I am a very minimalistic person. So I like things simple and with ease. I usually try to follow the joy and that’s the my guide in life. So as long as thing sparks joy I follow it and if not I let it be. And being simple its easier to let go of things than being tangle up in clutter. Read more>>

Eri Araki | Actress

This question looks very simple to answer at first time ,but it took my time to think for answering. I am happy when ① I could make my friends/family happy. Anyways when I could make them happy, I’m empowered. I love surprising and be surprised in a good way. ②I eat my favorite foods, or eat something delicious. You know my feeling ,,,. Need no explanation. Foods makes us happy, Period! ③ I take naps. Especially with clean bed sheets or aired Japanese-style the Futon. It’s just so nice taking naps with those things. I wish you could have the experience of getting into cleaned, aired Japanese-style The Futon , that feels like you are gently hugged by the spring . That feeling reminds me back to when I was a child. beloved feeling.. ④I work with such passionate people to create films/CM/any kind of art. Read more>>