“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Lauren Ing | President

Authenticity means that our actions and words are congruent with our beliefs and values. It is being ourselves and being true to who we are. We value accepting ourselves and others for who they truly are. We value thoughtfulness and being able to be transparent. We value honesty and integrity and being trustworthy. Most of all, we honor the trust placed in us by our customers. Our products are safe, non-toxic and natural. We only use top quality ingredients combined with the latest science to make products that are truly effective, natural and luxurious. We hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards. We know that our products reflect our core values and we are proud of what we have been able to accomplish. Read more>>

Claire Woolner | Artist & Performer

Right now I’m finding myself thinking a lot about where things come from and where they go. I.e. the 1000 years it takes for plastic to decompose. I can’t really buy a water bottle in plastic anymore without thinking about this. There’s a lot more that goes with that thought process–who is making the materials I use, what is their life like, how are the materials going to end up in 10 years, 100, 1000? So I guess you could say I’m thinking about my impact on the earth itself, but also on people around me (near and far). I’m also interested in how generosity of spirit works in my work. What is my work giving to the person on the receiving end? In the hanging pieces I’ve been making and the clothing pieces, the specificity of who they are going to serves as a great inspirator. Read more>>

Evan Cohen | CEO

Integrity is at the core of how I live my life. Whether in business, at home, with friends or around complete strangers, doing the right thing at all times is the way I live my life. I have always believed that there are plenty of ways to get what you want out of life, and usually you have to give up something to get there. Life is all about compromising, and although we want our cake and to eat it as well, this is not always possible. I have chosen in my life, to do the right thing always, and whatever happens is meant to be. You will not find me letting up on my integrity to make more money or to get something that has to be done in a way that I could not be proud about. As a young child, I witnessed countless thefts, whether at my home or at my fathers place of business. These experiences always made me upset and I found myself taking a personal oath to never betray others and to treat them the way I want to be treated. Read more>>

Erik Stafford | Creative Director

Do what you say you’re going to do, and do it on time. I can’t stress the importance of this enough. The world is full of people who under-deliver and miss deadlines. Even showing up late to meetings can be a red flag for many people. It’s amazing how much business you can win, simply by delivering on your word, on time. This has held true throughout my life, as an entrepreneur, as an agency owner, and now as Creative Director at Aimclear. and is a core value I adhere to. Read more>>